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Non-Profit Web Design

New Non-Profit Web Design For Sunshine Lady Foundation!

New Non-Profit Web Design for The Sunshine Lady Foundation!

This foundation was founded by Doris Buffet in 1996, who incidentally is Warren Buffet’s sister. She is just as amazing as her brother and has just as big of heart! We learned a lot about her and her wonderful foundation and how it has helped so many with getting a new lease on life through education. To date, over 1200 students have received assistance from her foundation and the number continues to grow. Earlier this year we also worked with another foundation Doris started and launched a new web design for them as well,  you can view that website @

Please let us know what you think about their new Digital Marketing.



Landing Page Design

New Landing Page Design for Laysan Bay Farm!

New Landing Page Design, Logo Design & Product Wrapper Design for Laysan Bay Farm!

Analog Marketing

When the folks from Laysan Bay Farm came to Impact Media Solutions they had just finished securing their farm and getting it production going, and the next thing they needed was to do was sell, so they contacted us to not only create a Landing Page Design for their farm, but we also created their Logo Design & Egg Carton Wrapper. To which we enjoyed reinforcing their identity throughout every aspect of their Digital Marketing & Analog Marketing.

The folks @ Laysan Bay Farms are incredible people and they have amazing things in the works. We think you will be hearing much more from them in the months to come.

Photographer Web Design

New Photographer Web Design in Wilmington NC!

New Photographer Web Design in Wilmington, NC for Connor Barth!

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the best Photographers in Wilmington, possibly even the world and we always enjoy working with other creatives, because you usually end up with an amazing end result. Well, Connor Barth’s new photography website is no different. Connor’s style is unique and gives us a fresh perspective on the area we live in from his up close photos (In the Wave) to his drone photos, they are all pretty amazing and we feel very blessed to be working with him and helping him get started on his next career as a photographer. In fact, we also provided Connor with Logo Design for his new career that he will be using as his signature on all of his work.

Some of you may know of the name Connor Barth if you happen to be a fan of the NFL. He was most recently a kicker for the Miami Dolphins, but he does not let that go to his head, and remains humble and very approachable, he is a Wilmington native that lives just over the bridge @ Wrightsville Beach.

Let us know what you think of his new Photographer Web Design!

Mortgage Website

New Mortgage Website in Wilmington!

New Mortgage Website in Wilmington, NC for one of our longest living clients, Joey Milam @ Alpha Mortgage.  Joey has been a client of ours since 2006 and we enjoy working with him on the projects he is involved in, especially this one, because it marks a career change for him from Marketing Director to Mortgage Lender, and in making that switch we were glad to assist him with his new Mortgage Web Design and provide him with not only building his new website, but also marketing via SEO and SEM. We wish Joey many years of success as a Mortgage Lender and we look forward to continuing to work with him for many years. His new web design has the very latest in Mortgage Applications that are utilizing the brand new API from Encompass, so that the application goes directly into his profile for processing, without any effort from him at all.


One Page Web Design Wilmington NC

New One Page Web Design in Wilmington NC!

New One Page Web Design for Coastal Sunrise Contracting in Wilmington, NC! Coastal Sunrise Contracting is led by Ashby McNalley and he and his team have extensive experience in remodeling and/or getting homes ready to sell. They primarily work with Realtors and Home Owners to evaluate the work that needs to be done on the home to make it sell for more money than it would have otherwise. Ashby and his team have case studies to show where  his methods have more than doubled the investment once the house sells. We highly recommend giving him a call if you would like to get top dollar for your house!!

Web Design

New Web Design for Garden Party Design!

New Web Design for Garden Party Design here in Wilmington, NC!

Garden Party Design has been a client of Impact Media’s for over a decade and in that time we have learned a lot about Sara and her passion, which is providing floral arrangements for events, weddings, and many other occasions. Her and her husband Todd are some really great people and despite both of their many talents they manage to stay humble and easy to talk to, so if you do business with them, it will be like working with your best friend by the time you are done with your project. We highly recommend Sara & Garden Party Design for your next event, you will not be disappointed! Let us know what you think about their new web design.

Website Design

New Website Design for SeaTox Research!

New Website Design for SeaTox  Research in Wilmington, NC! This Research Laboratory offers Testing Kits & Technical Consulting for Marine Toxins found in Fish. Sam & Jennifer McCall are really trying to improve the efficiency at which monitoring and academic agencies can act to control the closures of fishing grounds due to potential toxicity following algae blooms and other potential hazards. Their efforts could save lives and create a safer world for all of us that love to eat fish.

Web Design Wilmington

New Web Design for Dance Express!

New Web Design for Dance Express here in Wilmington, NC and they also have another location in  the Hampstead area. When Dance Express came to Impact Media they were looking to not only improve the aesthetics of their website, but to improve its functioning and user experience as well. We worked with them very closely to ensure that they got exactly what they needed to provide the very best experience for their clients. We encourage you to visit their website to see how it turned out.

wordpress web design

WordPress Web Design for Atlantic Land & Title!

WordPress Web Design for Atlantic Land & Title here in Wilmington, NC!

Keith came to Impact Media looking to create a Digital Marketing plan for his company. He has been in the Title industry for over 25 years in Wilmington, NC, and he wanted his experience and knowledge to be highlighted in digital form so his clients and potential clients would be assured of the quality of the services he offers. We enjoyed working with Keith and his team, they are good people and we recommend if you need services that he offers to give him a call.