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Website Design For Strawberry Festival!

Website Design just launched for The Strawberry Festival in Wallace, NC!

We have been working with local festivals & nonprofits for over 15 years and we enjoy this type of work very much! Another website that we built and manage for a neighbor of theirs is The Blueberry Festival and in fact they were gracious enough to provide this referral to us, which we are very grateful for them doing that. We are honored to have just launched the new website design for The Strawberry Festival. Their new website is going to provide a much stronger presence for them in the area, and be a much greater resource for not only sponsors, but the patrons attending the festival. We believe where they will find the most advancement however is in the ease of use in managing their website going forward. We offer free training with every website we launch to ensure that they will get the most mileage out of their website as they can.

Wilmington Web Design

New Landscaping Web Design!

New Wilmington Web Design for Top Lawn in Wilmington, NC!

Top Lawn is a Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping service located in Wilmington, NC. They offer Landscape Design, Lawn Maintenance, Hardscapes and many other yard services. Top Lawn has been servicing the Wilmington area since 1996 and in that time Mark has developed a revolutionary way of dealing with ground pearl, which plagues centipede grass in our area. He is very knowledgeable and will provide you with the best low impact solution for your yard. We have even used him ourselves and been very impressed with his capabilities! His initial needs were one of a new website, but after learning more about his business we found that branding was also needed, so we created a new logo design for his business, which is located below for reference.

Logo Design

Web Design

New Web Design for Sea Glass Wellness!

Web Design

Sea Glass Wellness offers substance abuse counseling, therapy & treatment in Wilmington, NC. During our work on this project we learned a lot about how they are helping so many in our area with substance abuse issues. They have a managed, collaborative approach that is very effective when dealing with individuals with these issues. Their initial needs were one of branding and identity, and we helped them develop their logo before beginning work on their website to ensure that the brand stayed congruent throughout our development process. We enjoyed working with them both, and wish them much success helping so many people that are dealing with these issues.

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Website Design for Castle Hayne Stowaway!

Website Design Wilmington

Castle Hayne Stowaway came to Impact Media Solutions as a referral from another happy client with the need for a new website and a better marketing plan. The site they had was a template from a company that only provided websites for the Mini Storage Industry. We found that this company was selling the same website template to everyone they dealt with and under serving their clients by having duplication of the website and copy replicated many times over. Duplication is not something the Search Engines like, and they will devalue your website for that very reason, which in turn will lead to a lower ranking. We worked with Castle Hayne Stowaway to rebuild their new website to be unique in web design, as well as unique content, and their website will now start getting better traction on the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & BING.

We work very hard to not only build a great website design for our clients, but we also build a website that will help grow their digital footprint on the internet. Their new website while less than a week old is already starting to build momentum and should provide return on investment very quickly. If you are interested in learning more about how our websites grow our client’s businesses, then please give us a call or schedule a meeting via our website, or talk to one of our clients, we encourage that. We are always willing to have a conversation about your business and it’s potential.

Wilmington Web Design

New Web Design for Wilmington Company!

New Web Design for Wilmington Company!

We just launched a new Web Design for Backyard Specialist here in Wilmington, NC and with exciting news that they are expanding into the Raleigh/Durham market to offer their exciting line of Outdoor Kitchens, Grills & Pergolas. The items they sell are what really makes a house a home, and they are doing some really cool things in people’s backyards. We will be starting a SEO campaign for them very soon to cover most of Eastern and Central North Carolina. Stay Tuned, these folks are going places.

Real Estate Web Design

Real Estate Web Design For Discover NC Homes

Real Estate Web Design

Discover NC Homes has been a client of Impact Media’s for over 9 years and in that time we have created many websites for Nolan and his group from his main group real estate website to neighborhood websites and more. In this custom web design refresh we demonstrate how Discover NC Homes has developed their own look and feel in a market where many look alike. We built their new website design on top of WordPress using our custom WordPress IDX plugin that we developed and are in the process of releasing a new version next month.

Let us know what you think…

Attorney Web Design

Attorney Web Design

Attorney Web Design

Silva, Kiernan & Associates, PLLC is a growing law firm that started in Jacksonville, NC, but has recently moved into the Wilmington, NC area and soon to be across the entire state.

They have a diverse collection of some of the best attorneys with specific focuses that can benefit many people in many areas of law. We have enjoyed working with them and we will be working to help them grow their online presence across North Carolina and further if they should want to grow beyond our state.

Let us know what you think of their new website.


website design wilmington nc

New Website Design in Wilmington NC

New Website Design in Wilmington NC!

We are pleased to announce a new website design for Pirate Concrete! When Josh from Pirate Concrete came to Impact Media he was having email problems and his site had not been updated in years. Josh had been very busy growing his company and his website became a project that sat on the shelf. His business was growing steady due to word of mouth referrals,  but his website did not reflect the type of work he was currently doing and offering to his commercial and residential clients.

Our team listened to his needs and offered suggestions that helped create this new website design for Pirate Concrete. The quality of work that Pirate Concrete offers is 2nd to none, and as we got to know Josh, we found out that many of the companies he works with are actually already clients of ours, and we found out that Josh is a great person to work with and we feel very grateful and lucky to have gotten the chance to work with him and get to know him better.

SEO Wilmington NC

SEO Wilmington NC For A New Client

SEO Wilmington NC

Impact Media Solutions just took over the marketing and SEO for a new client here in Wilmington, NC and the results are looking great! Our clients benefit from not only our ability with SEO, but as you can see from this report, the bounce rate decreased dramatically as well,  showing that the correct traffic is now being directed to their website. We also checked in with the client to ensure that their leads were up and they are having a great month with inquiries about their services. We enjoy what we do and we happen to be pretty good at it, so if you are wanting to grow your business sustainably with

Web Design Wilmington

Medical Web Design for Landfall Family Practice!

Medical Web Design for Landfall Family Practice

Landfall Family Practice gets a fresh new web design on Valentine’s Day! We enjoyed collaborating with Joy & Patrick to make this version of their website really showcase all they have to offer at their medical practice. This new website design offers the ability for their practice to receive appointments directly into their client manager for real-time client management as well as in a few weeks to months we should start to see it developing strong rankings on the Search Engines, since we will be starting a SEO campaign in the next few days.