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Web Design

New Web Design for Moonshine Customs!

New Web Design for Moonshine Customs in Wilmington, NC

We just launched a new Web Design for Moonshine Customs, which is a Custom Paint shop that offers Custom Paint Jobs for Motorcycles, Hot Rods, and even Golf Carts. We really enjoyed working with Ray & Levi on creating their Web Design, and we are planning to put the Drone in the air and get some nice aerial shots of some of their custom rods in action. If you need any Custom work done for your Motorcycle or Hot Rod, you need to go see what these guys can do, they are amazing!


Attorney Web Design

New Attorney Web Design in Wilmington!

New Attorney Web Design in Wilmington, NC for Rice Family Law! We enjoyed working with Mark Williams with Rice Family Law to build their new website and Virtual Law Office. Their new website will offer them the opportunity to scale their company digitally to offer their services statewide leveraging their brand new Virtual Law Office that will allow clients to come and purchase select services from their website without actually meeting with them (Think of something like a LegalZoom). Mark and his staff were great to work with, and we look forward to increasing their ranking through SEO and other types of internet marketing such as SEM in the coming months. Please visit their site and let us know your thoughts.


Non Profit Web Design

New Non Profit Web Design in Wilmington!

New Non-Profit Web Design in Wilmington, NC for Women’s Independence Scholarship Program, Inc., which is another charity that is very close to our heart that operates right here in Wilmington, NC. This scholarship program is dedicated to Women who have been abused by a partner and needs an education to get a job to become solely independent and is originally funded by Warren Buffet’s sister Doris.

We feel very blessed to have been able to work with Jill and her team to create this new vision for such a worthy cause, and hope that WISP continues to help many victims of partner and spousal abuse put that behind them, and move on with a prosperous and fulfilled life. Impact Media donates to local charities every year, and this site, along with 2 other local charities received our donations this year. We will be providing more soon to help give back to our wonderful community and continue helping the people that need it the most in the ways that we know how.


Website Design

New Website Design for Fishing Magazine!

New website design for Coastal Carolina Fisherman, which is an online Fishing Magazine serving North & South Carolina. This site has been up for just over 4 years and has really started to spread its wings. We designed the original website design & logo design, as well , as well as this newer version of the website & logo. The guys involved in this site are great to work with and they even catch fish when we go out with them sometimes. What we found from working with them on their site, is that they were trying to put too much information out there on the home page, and they ended up with a cluttered site at the end of the day. With their new website design we have streamlined it and made it very easy to navigate and read articles, as well as display their sponsors, which is very important to any magazine, online or otherwise. We hope you enjoy this new version of the Coastal Carolina Fisherman Website.

Web Design

New Home Builder Web Design!


New Home Builder Web Design by Impact Media Solutions in Wilmington, NC!

Future Homes has been a client of Impact Media’s for over 6 years, and this is their 2nd Custom Web Design they have had us design for them. Since coming to Impact Media in 2011 we have worked closely with Brent & Keith to help them achieve sales goals that they previously had not been able to reach. They were relying heavily on advertising on TV and newspaper to drive traffic to their properties, but we changed all of that with our Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing plans that we put into place after we built their first custom web design. Since then they have pulled back on just about all other forms of advertising and now receive dozens of leads a week off of their website that are much more track-able. We encourage you to go to their new website and see some of the 3D Virtual Walk Thrus and other new features we have added to their Responsive Web Design.

Non-Profit Web Design

New Non-Profit Web Design for Breast Cancer!

New non-profit web design for Going Beyond The Pink Foundation here in Wilmington, NC! This organization is a non-profit that is focused on helping those with breast cancer with a strong focus on education and mentoring. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with these folks, and have become sponsors to the cause, as this is a topic that has touched just about all of us and we would like to help as much as we can with prevention and healing. We encourage you to get involved and help with this great new non-profit, they are going to be doing some great things!

WordPress IDX

WordPress IDX Latest Version!


WordPress IDX is one of our latest versions of our ImpactIDX! We just launched Nolan Formalarie’s new web design utilizing our latest version of our custom built WordPress IDX for Coastal North Carolina. ImpactIDX also offers an upgrade where you can opt to have a Mobile Application piece that goes with your site to offer your clients the user experience that they will not get any place else. Our new ImpactIDX platform is a full IDX Lead generation and management tool using custom websites, wordpress websites, and mobile applications for Android & iOS platforms. It has a full client portal and offers client management features never seen before on any client manager as well as a client interface that is so user friendly and intuitive that your clients will be sure to find the home they are looking for with or without you.




WordPress Website

WordPress Website for Got Em On Live!

Impact Media has just launched a new wordpress website for the largest Fishing Club in North Carolina, Got Em On Live! As we found while working with this Fishing Club, they are more than just a Fishing Club, Got Em On Live! does a lot of good things for the community and is a non-profit that supports several charities in the area from Special Needs to Veterans, they do a lot of good, and they have a lot of fun while doing it.

We saw that they were struggling with getting their message out there digitally and offered to assist them by putting them into a WordPress website and are teaching them the best way to leverage that with their Social Media to ensure they are reaching as many members & viewers as possible to ensure that they continue to grow and continue to help more people that need their assistance. One of our other clients has embraced them and has become a member and will be working with them to ensure that all of their events are broadcast and promoted to their fullest extent. This is a mix of good people coming together to do good things and we are humbled to be a part of it and know that it will be a good future with such great people working in this philanthropy!


Financial Advisor Web Design

New Financial Advisor Web Design!

Impact Media Solutions has just launched a new Financial Advisor Web Design for Carolina Retirement Planners & David Shucavage here in Wilmington, NC. We worked with David and his team to carefully set the expectation of what to expect when you visit him at his office. We have worked with many companies, and I can tell you that David and his team take client service to a whole new level. His care and attention to his clients is like nothing I have ever experienced, and I would highly recommend using him for his services if you ever need financial advise or management. Please visit his website to learn more about David and his great team and let us know what you think of his new web design when you have a moment.



Wilmington Web Design

New Web Design for Lumberton Self Storage!

New Web Design for Storage Solutions in Lumberton, NC. When Linda came to us she had a site that was very old and not compliant with today’s browsers. We worked with her to ensure everything we did was not only compliant, but that it would assist her company going forward with not only compliance, but be optimized as well.

Since we started this site, she has referred several other organizations and businesses to us, which is extremely flattering to us, it is the ultimate compliment we can receive.