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Wilmington Web Design

Wilmington Web Design | New My Healthy Bites!

Tracey Soulia has been a client of Impact Media’s for over 4 years, we developed her first web design for her and when it was time to update her website to a fresh new look she came back to us to make sure it was done right! We enjoy working with Tracey, and every time we work with her we learn something new about nutrition, and despite what you might think, we could use the tips around here. Since Tracey’s business opened in 2012, she has grown dramatically, and most of that has to do with her knowledge and great results she has with her clients, but we also like to think we helped a little. If you get a moment and would like to learn about her nutrition services, or you want to see what our latest websites are turning out like, please click on the image above and let us know what you think.


hurricane mathew

Hurricane Matthew is coming, are you prepared?

With Hurricane Matthew potentially headed towards Wilmington, N.C., Impact Media would like to be sure that your preparation includes a few extra items for your business. We all know we need to stock up on water, batteries, a battery operated radio if you do not have one, and non perishable food, but there are several items that you need to consider for your business.

We recommend doing a full backup of your data to either an external hard drive and take it with you or backup to an offsite server to ensure your data is safe in the event of a catastrophic event, such as Hurricane Matthew’s wind, rain & flooding  your business. We also recommend getting your computers off of the floor and on your desk and wrap them in plastic should a window break, and blow rain into your office. If you follow these steps you can prevent data loss and potentially hardware loss as well.

If Impact Media can assist you with any preparation, please let us know as soon as possible.

We hope you all stay safe and prayers are with you and your families.



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New Web Design for Oakdale Cemetery!

Impact Media just launched a new web design for Oakdale Cemetery located here in Wilmington, NC. Eric, the Superintendent @ Oakdale, was referred to us by an existing client who was happy with our work, and at the time we did not know all that much about Oakdale Cemetery, but that changed quickly as we learned the history of Oakdale, and about the people that are buried within. Eric and his staff have done a tremendous job with their tours and education of the historical significance of Oakdale, and while it is hard to get excited about a cemetery, this  one has a great story. We also got some great video from our Drone which is embedded below. We hope you like their new web design, and that it serves Eric & Oakdale for many years to come.



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SEO is something that a lot of companies offer as a service, and what I find interesting is the companies that sell SEO, but do not rank on the first page of Google or any other search engine for any particular keywords. Of course if you are like me, then you probably get solicited 10-20x a day by email, phone and smoke signals that someone can get your website to #1 on Google. Unfortunately, a lot of these nefarious companies and individuals give our industry a bad name.

Here @ Impact Media Solutions we have been consistent with delivering on what we promise and delivering high rankings for our clients, not necessarily for the keywords that they think they need to rank for, but the keywords that our research shows that they should rank for, and for keywords that produce conversions. We are a humble company with humble employees, but we do believe that proof is in the screenshot, so we have added 3 screenshots below demonstrating that not only can Impact Media rank your website high, but that we rank #1 consistently with these key terms on Google organically. We have blurred the companies out that were either Pay-Per-Click or Local Competitors.

We would not ask you to pay for something we were unsure we could produce for you. Please see below and let us know how we can help your company rank higher on the Search Engines. #marketwithimpact

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seo wilmington nc

Infinity Gets A New Web Design & SEO!

Infinity Acupuncture has been a client of Impact Media’s for over 5 years and in that time we took over the maintenance, hosting & SEO for the web design they had built by another company. Gretchen had 2 other companies try to get her to Page 1, but they were unsuccessful getting her past Page 3. Who knew Acupuncture was such a competitive market in Wilmington, NC.

We found that while the other SEO companies did try, they were missing several important factors. Within a month of taking over the site, we had Infinity on Page 1, and within 2 months we had them @ #1 for their desired key terms. SEO is a moving target, and what worked last year, may not necessarily work this year. While we recommended Infinity Acupuncture update their site, we still needed to work within their budget. Well, we are proud to say that they have upgraded their new web design and we think this is not only going to be great for SEO, but it also going to be much easier for users to navigate Infinity’s website. Please visit Infinity’s new web design and let us know what you think!

Enterprise Web Development & Programming

Enterprise Web Development
Enterprise Web Development

Enterprise Web Development

Enterprise Web Development

Impact Media has been working with PEAK10 for over a year now, and we very much enjoy the creativity and vision this company has to offer. PEAK10 is a national company in over 6 states that offers data and hosted services to corporations local and abroad. I myself have toured their office and Network Operations Center in Charlotte, NC and it is amazing. Since PEAK10 has been a client of Impact’s we have helped them build 2 new websites and a Sales Partner Portal for their Sales Partners all over the world. If you have time, I would definitely recommend visiting their website to see their web design and flow, and as much as I would like to share the Partner Portal with you, you would actually need to be a Partner to experience that, but I hope you will take my word for it, that it is powerful in the fact that it integrates the Sales, Production and CRM side of their business into one easy to use Portal. This is true Enterprise web development that we have built for them and the fact that we continue to be their GO TO vendor for this type of development is truly humbling and very much appreciated. Please see some of the screenshots above to show some of what I am talking about, and let us know if you have a project that needs this type of attention.

New Real Estate Web Design in Wilmington, NC!

Real Estate Web DesignThe Kay Baker Team has been a client of Impact Media Solutions for over 7 years now, and in that time we have assisted them with their internet marketing. We are pleased to announce that they have chosen us to build their new and improved Responsive Web Design that continues the legacy of one of the best Realtors Wilmington ever had, Kay Baker, was not only an incredible Realtor, but she was also an incredible woman. We do miss her very much, and we are proud to continue her legacy with the team she assembled. Please take a moment and visit their new website, we think you will like it!

New Web Design for ZoneTap

Location Based MarketingImpact Media just launched a new web design for a new startup company called ZoneTap. Not only did we build the website, but we also built the Android & iOS app and App Portal that go with it. This company has a patent pending and is going to shape & change Location Based Marketing forever. You may have heard of GeoFencing, well with GeoFencing there are typically beacons that push the ad to  the consumers phone that are located on site at the retailer. We have helped collaborate and build what we believe is going to be the next big thing for any retailer or service company that has an Android or iOS App and it does not require any hardware locally at the retailer. That’s right, we are not selling apps, this product will incorporate into your existing Android or iOS app with minimal integration. If you want to learn more or are interested in trying it for 90 days for free, let us know, and we will put you in touch with the proper person that handles the integration.

New Web Design for Outdoor Expo!

Web DesignWe are pleased to announce that Joe Albea, the TV host for The Carolina Outdoor Journal has returned to get a 2nd website from us after launching his new website for The Carolina Outdoor Journal earlier this year. We really enjoyed working with a celebrity like Joe, especially because he does not have an ego like you would expect. He is very down to earth and very genuine, just like he is on his show.

This time Joe is starting something new in the Greenville, NC area, but it will be for the whole state of North Carolina. He has assembled a large group of experts (some famous, others are infamous) to come out and talk about hunting, fishing & camping in North Carolina. His new web design showcases the expo and gives you a great idea of which day may be best for you to come, or maybe you just want to come all 3 days. Either way, we are excited about this new expo, and will be looking forward to attending.
Please visit and let us know what you think!

Photographer Web Design in Wilmington!

Photographer Web DesignWe just launched a new web design for photographer TJ Drechsel here in Wilmington, NC. We have seen T.J.’s passion and hobby turn into quite a career and he just keeps getting better with every photo shoot he does. Not only is T.J. a skilled photographer, but he is a great guy, and always willing to go the extra mile for every client he has. We also designed T.J.’s logo when we built his first website several years ago. As he grows his craft, we are humbled that he continues to use us for his Digital Marketing needs, we wish him a great 2016 and an even greater 2017 with his calling!