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Wilmington NC SEO

Carolina Coastal Landscaping came to Impact Media looking to improve their Internet Marketing and SEO in Wilmington, NC. We 1st prepared a market analysis on their industry in the area and then researched the Lawn Care industry in other areas around the country to ensure that we had a full perspective of their industry. It turns out there are a lot of Lawn Care and Landscaping Services in Wilmington doing SEO and Internet Marketing, so we needed to get aggressive with our SEO and Internet Marketing Campaign. Within the 1st month of us launching their new site and starting their SEO Campaign they have been #1 for the terms”Lawn Care Wilmington NC” and “Lawn Maintenance Wilmington NC” and consistently in the top 5 results for the “Landscaping Wilmington NC”. The leads continue to come in on their site since their rank has increased!

Wilmington NC SEO
Wilmington NC SEO

Wilmington NC Web Design & SEO

Impact Media is proud to launch a newly redesigned website for Alpha Mortgage Corporation. Alpha Mortgage has been a client of Impact Media Solutions for 5 years and in that time we have developed their web presence through Internet Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and and creative Web Design to make them the strongest Mortgage Brokerage in North Carolina on the Web. Alpha Mortgage has multiple offices around the state to which we have had to practice local organic SEO techniques to establish a #1 position in that market. This new site offers many great features for it’s users and the Loan Officers of Alpha Mortgage with some of the latest technologies. We really hope it brings them as much success as its predecessor did! Please let us know your thoughts.

Wilmington NC Web Design & SEO
Wilmington NC Web Design | Internet Marketing & SEO

Wilmington NC Real Estate Websites

We just launched a great new Real Estate Website for the Wilmington NC area that is specifically dedicated to the Landfall, Wrightsville Beach area of Wilmington. Gary Nichols came to us wanting to create a web site that offered his clients the ability to search for homes in Wilmington in a specific geography and with a easy to use IDX Search Tool. We formulated a strategy that and designed a website that both met his needs from a functional standpoint and that also aesthetically pleased him with the graphic design. Since his new website has launched his traffic has increased dramatically and so have his leads, we think this has a lot to do with the organic SEO that has taken place and the improved rank he has received on Google. Gary will be happy to tell you all about his experience with us during and after the project and how it has affected his business, so do not hesitate to give him a call or send him an email. Check out his site below and let us know what you think.

Wilmington Web Design
Wilmington NC Web Design & Internet Marketing

Wilmington NC News @ 11:00 on WECT 2/24/2011

Impact Media Solutions will be on WECT News tomorrow 2/24/2011 @ 11:00 working on a News story with Colin Hackman discussing Sidejacking. Webopedia defines Sidejacking as a “Term to describe an act of hijacking an engaged web session with a remote service by intercepting and using the credentials that identified the user/victim to that specific server. Typically, SideJacking is most common on sites that require authentication through a username and password, such as online web mail accounts as well as social networking sites. Side Jacking works only if the site catches a non-SSL cookie, so any web site that uses SSL exclusively would be safe from SideJackers.”

In doing the interview and the story with WECT I was asked to perform SideJacking on users in specific locations for demonstration purposes and then show the users what access we had gained to their accounts. Needless to say they were very surprised to learn once we got their approval that we could access their Facebook accounts, Email accounts, etc…

This story is meant to be a word of caution when using Open WiFi hotspots such as in Coffee shops and other places that offer free internet. When you are on these free WiFi connections there are some precautionary steps that you should take to protect yourself.

You can read more about the story by going to the link below.

Tips To Protect Yourself From Sidejacking

Internet Marketing & SEO Wilmington NC

Havana’s Restaurant in Carolina Beach, NC came to us looking to improve their web presence by increasing rankings through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and they also wanted a site they could update independently, so we met with Pete Donat and devised a strategy that would accomplish his goals while giving him a fresh new look for his restaurant. The new site has been live for about 2 weeks now and has already come over to the 1st page for most of the top key terms that we are optimizing for and they are getting many leads, conversions and inquiries on wedding parties upwards of 70 or more. We are very happy to have to have helped with this project and continue to help build his web presence thru persistent Internet Marketing and SEO.

If you get a chance go by and check out their Brunch it is great!

Internet Marketing & SEO Wilmington NC Web Design
Internet Marketing & SEO Wilmington NC

Wilmington NC Web Design and SEO for Dentists

We just launched this new site for a great dentist in the area Dr. Dan K Dube. This has been a fun project to work on and we are still collecting photos for the “Smile Gallery” and a few other items, but all in all, it has gone great! He and his team have been great to communicate and collaborate with from logo design and web design to the internet marketing that will take place once the site is fully complete. When designing this site we wanted to make it user friendly, but we also wanted to make it SEO (search engine) friendly as well, and over the next few months we should be able to tell how successful we were with both of these efforts. Please let us know what you think.

Wilmington NC Web Design & SEO for Dentists
Wilmington NC Web Design & SEO for Dentists

Internet Marketing Wilmington NC

Plantation Properties out of Southport NC came to us looking for help with Internet Marketing in Wilmington NC. Their web presence at the time was dated and their Search Engine Rankings  for their preferred key terms were not very competitive. We listened to their needs and designed a platform that allows them to update their website independently, meanwhile Impact would start an aggressive SEO campaign targeted on select key terms and work on increasing conversions on their new website we built. To date, the site has been up for about 5 months and we have seen an increase in traffic and the leads have increased, along with dramatic improvement with their Search Engine Rankings. We are happy to have helped Plantation Properties with this portion of their marketing and look forward to seeing what 2011 brings them!

Internet Marketing Wilmington NC | Wilmington NC Web Design
Internet Marketing Wilmington NC | SEO Wilmington NC

Ways to use Facebook to Build your Business!

A lot of us have fun on Facebook catching up with old friends and making new ones, but Facebook can be a useful Business tool if utilized properly. It is great for marketing products and services and connecting with your customers on a level that you were not previously able to. Below are some some helpful tips to assist you with setting up your profile.

  1. Fill out your profile completely, it helps earn the trust of the people you are connecting with, and help them identify with you.
  2. Next, setup a Business Account
  3. Install a plugin on your Blog to feed to your profile to help populate your current news from your site/blog.
  4. Remember to keep it professional, this is for your clients, you do not want to have too much personal information out there or any pictures that could hurt your business.
  5. Building on #4, post photos that are appropriate, you do not want, your potential or existing clients to think less of you, you are doing this to get business, not lose business.
  6. Be sure to get a Facebook vanity URL that relates to your business if available and that is easy for people to remember.
  7. When creating your marketing collateral, business cards, etc.. add that to vanity URL to your contact lists.
  8. When posting on Facebook, be sure to mix it up, do not always talk business, or your prospects/friends will ignore your posts. You must infuse a mix of posts to keep people interested in what you have to say or they will stop listening.
  9. Use the Find Friends option on Facebook to help you locate associates and friends that could help promote your business.
  10. Posting Surveys is a good way to get feedback from users on Facebook, as well as having contests and advertising discounts stating that they must say they saw it on Facebook.
  11. Once using Facebook, you can setup Facebook Ads, which is a very thorough way of advertising to a focused group of individuals, it allows you to narrow your demographic to exactly what you are looking for in a client and only advertise to them. It is money well spent, and a lot less expensive than Google Adwords at this time.
  12. Create a Facebook Fan Page for your Business and suggest it to your friends use it as another outlet to announce services and events for your business.
  13. And finally, try joining groups that may be relevant to the demographic you seek, it could be good for networking on the site

If you have any further questions about setting up a Facebook page or would like to learn more, please email me or give us a call.


Wilmington NC Web Design for Charity!

Impact Media Solutions just launched a website for a great cause! It is, they are based out of New Hampshire and work with the stars from the TV show Days of our Lives to benefit many charities through promoting events with the stars from the show. It is a great cause and we were happy to help them with their efforts to get the word out and help them promote their events! They have the ability to manage their site with a CMS (Content Management System) to add new events as well as media, photos and text on demand without having to wait on updates to be performed by a webmaster. It has made all the difference for them. If you are interested in helping them as we did please visit their website to learn more about how you can help.

Wilmington NC Web Design and Internet Marketing
Wilmington NC Web Design and Internet Marketing

Computer Repair Wilmington NC

In case you did not know Impact Media Solutions also offers Computer Repair and Computer Network services in and around Wilmington, NC. We have a certified staff of trained technicians that are up on the latest technologies be it Microsoft, Mac or Linux Servers or Desktops and securely configure them to your specific needs. With our diverse knowledge of the Web and Networking we are able to create dynamic scalable solutions that fit your company’s needs today¬†that allow for growth tomorrow. We can assist your company with any sized computer need. If you would like a free site evaluation of your network or to setup a Security Audit contact us today for more information!