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Web Design and Social Media for Neighborhood Website

Impact Media Solutions has just launched a new website for Mimosa Bay, a waterfront neighborhood just outside of Jacksonville, NC with everything I have always looked for in amenities for a new home neighborhood!
When Ben Kern came to us looking to improve his current web design and internet presence, we were shocked to learn what a beautiful place it was, it was not hard to make this website look great with all of the beautiful imagery that they have to offer. We worked with Ben and his team of developers to provide a website that would allow them to update it independently and with ease with our custom Content Management System, then we integrated it with all of his Social Media and are in the process of developing that platform with Ben, so that he can effectively communicate with his sphere of influence in a more efficient
manner. We have enjoyed working on the web design and internet marketing of this project and look forward to seeing how it is received. Let us know your thoughts on this project as we would love to hear them!

Web Design & Social Media
Web Design & Social Media for Mimosa Bay

Real Estate Web Design in Wilmington, NC

Impact Media Solutions has just launched a new Real Estate website for David Cummings @ Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty. When David came to us he was looking for a unique way to serve the needs of his clients in his niche market of short sales and foreclosures. He already had a successful business going before needing a website, but realized that he could do a lot more with the tools we were able to provide to him with the IDX searching and Integrated communications platform that allows him to stay in contact with his clients on an ongoing basis even after the sell. We developed his new site to the latest standards for web design and have shown him ways to use his BLOG in conjunction with other social media outlets to maximize his efforts and build his web presence. We really have enjoyed working with David, he is taking what we have shown him to new levels and doing a great job!

Wilmington NC Web Design
Wilmington NC Web Design & SEO

Remote Online Data Backup & Data Recovery Wilmington NC

Impact Media Solutions is now offering Remote Online Data Backup to all of it’s clients in and around Wilmington, NC. We have developed a tool that will manage your Computer backups for you without you having the worry of losing your data due to a hardware failure or catastrophy. Our new Remote Online Backup system is unique compared to other Backup systems in that we do not charge by how many computers we are backing up, so there are no license fees in that regard. Impact Media charges by allocation of space or disc quota. This means that you can setup 1 computer or 20 for the same monthy price. Contact us today and ask about Impact Remote Backup and we will provide you with more information about safeguarding your critical data.

If you have already had a system failure and need your hard drive recovered we offer that service as well. Impact Media can assess the damage of the drive and determine if the data is recovarable. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we do our best to recover their data in most scenarios. Unfortunately, this is how we meet a lot of our clients that are seeking these services, so we have a lot of experience in data recovery. If you would like Impact Media Solutions to design and implement a Disaster Recovery Plan for your office please contact us and we will be glad to provide that service for you.

Web Design for Commercial Real Estate in Wilmington, NC

Impact Media Solutions is proud to have just launched a new web design for Commonwealth Commercial Properties in Wilmington, NC. Commonwealth Commercial has been a long term client of Impact Media’s, and has been through 3 versions of their website with us. We are very pleased that they continue to use us every time they want to freshen up their site and give it more of what their clients are wanting. Commonwealth Commercial’s new site offers some of our latest Commercial IDX Searching & Quick Searches to allow for ease of use for their clients, along with other innovative tools that make their clients lives easier. Their new Web Design is setup for the latest standards and browsers and will offer them the flexibility to make changes independently from their Content Management System (CMS), which is a flexible tool that we custom built to go on the backside of the site that allows Commonwealth to make edits to their site on demand. This is the 1st step of their new Internet Marketing plan for 2011, so you will be seeing much more from Commonwealth Commercial Properties!

Wilmington NC Web Design
Wilmington NC Web Design

Internet Explorer 9 & Firefox 4 Release | HTML 5 Web Design

With Internet Browsing being the most used resource on a computer today by the overall population it is very important that the experience be user friendly, fast and stable. There are 2 new releases I would like to talk about today that I have been testing, Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 4.

I will start with Mozilla Firefox 4 as I have been a long time fan of their Internet Browser as it has been a stable and fast way to get around on the internet, but it has always had 1 small issue and that is with memory leaks, if you leave it open all day it will eat up your RAM. It does seem that with the new version that they have reduced this issue considerably as I am not experiencing the same issues I have in the past and it is FAST! Up until it was released there was only one other browser that was as fast and that was Google Chrome, and I know I left Chrome out of this post, but I will talk about Chrome on another day. As a Web Design Firm, Firefox has always been a favorite for all of our staff, as well due to its ability to render CSS properly. When we design websites we have to ensure that the web design renders the same in the major browsers, and in the past that has sometimes been a chore with Internet Explorer. This new version is a great improvement in speed and user interface!

I have had Internet Explorer downloaded and running for about a week now and putting it through it’s paces and it is a big improvement over previous versions. I had previously only used Internet Explorer just to ensure that our Web Designs would render properly, mainly because it had gotten so bloated and slow that it made surfing the net a bit of a pain, but now with this new version I am using it more and learning more about it’s features. It is very fast and offers ways to make itself faster if you wish to do so by eliminating toolbars, etc…

On a side note, both of these Internet Browsers offer HTML 5  support, which allows us to start coding in HTML 5, which gives us a lot of new things that we can offer to our clients that they have not seen previously, so that is another plus that I am very happy about with both of these browsers. Internet Browsers are really personal preference and what users are used to and yes, some are better than others, but they are getting a lot more competitive than they used to be, so definitely give them a try and see how much they improve your internet experience. I think you will be pleased!

Cloud Computing with Microsoft Office 365

Today Microsoft released a Beta for its new Suite of tools Office 365. This is an online only Suite of tools that includes Exchange, Office, SharePoint & Lync Server and a few other web based productivity tools.  Along with this release Microsoft Office 365 Marketplace, which is an online store where apps and add-ons can be purchased from Microsoft and their partners.

The Amazing Part of this is that Microsoft is setting its pricepoint @ $6.00/month. I am sure this is where it starts, and where it stops is any one’s guess, but all of these tools would be available in the Cloud, which means that they would be accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, which gives these tools some great application for the money and makes them very convenient.

Another thing to consider with Cloud Computing is that when you are considering setting up an Exchange Server locally on your Network, there is a lot of upfront hardware costs, and then there are the ongoing maintenance costs associated with computer repair and networking. With Cloud Computing, you leave the liability to Microsoft in this instance, and just factor in the monthly expense as an expected cost of doing business.

If you would like to learn more about Cloud Computing, Computer Networking or would like an overall assessment of your businesses network, Impact Media Solutions will perform a thorough assessment and provide you with a report on what we find on your network. We also offer Computer Repair, we are a Full Service IT Company in Wilmington, NC!


Email Marketing Templates for Every Purpose!

Email Marketing has grown in popularity over the past 5 years and if done properly can yield great results, if done incorrectly it can really give you and your company a black-eye. We have seen some great campaigns and some not so great campaigns over the years and even been a part in making a lot those great campaigns happen. Impact Media offers fresh Email Marketing ideas, from concept of content, to designing a template to reflect your brand and compliment your Web Design or Internet Marketing efforts. We work with the leaders in the industry to stay on the cutting edge of the best way to implement a successful campaign and make it work best for your company. From a Email Newsletter to Email Event Announcements and even Email Drip Marketing to stay in contact with your clients on passive basis we have a solution that will compliment your style of marketing. Look below to see one of our Email Template Designs, this particular one is for a Video Email, which is still a pretty new type of Email Marketing, so it is something you will want to see for yourself if it is a fit for you.

Email Marketing Template
Email Marketing Template Concept
Email Marketing Template
Email Marketing Template

eCommerce Websites, Web Design & SEO

Impact Media Solutions would like to share one of it’s ongoing success stories with you. Extreme Bargains is a Big Box retailer located in Lumberton, NC that deals in retail merchandise @ wholesale prices, similar to a Costco or Sams Wholesale, but they only have 1 location at this time. They approached us in the Spring of 2010 with a simple 2 page site that had a picture of their building with directions on how to get to their location and that was really about it. When we drove up to speak to Chris and Kurt (the owners) they were very friendly and had a vision of what they were looking for, but were unsure of the necessary steps and strategy to get there on the web. We were able to come up with an Internet Marketing strategy that complimented their local efforts, and so we began by rebuilding their current website with the intent on selling the same items on their website that they sell locally. As you know retail is tough, and online discount retail is even tougher, but since the site has been launched, we have increased traffic significantly as you can see in the graph below and their sales are respective.

Wilmington NC SEO
Traffic Graph - SEO
Wilmington NC Web Design
Wilmington NC Web Design

Impact Media &  Extreme Bargains have developed their presence on the web over the past year and are already seeing ROI in record time. Impact Media does not believe in the one size fits all mentality our web design is catered to the “you” the client and we always try to accentuate what you already have. Once we launch a site, it does not mean we are finished with that site, we are there with you the rest of the way for guidance and support. You can truly never be done with a website, websites need to be constantly evolving and changing as we do in life or they will go stale and users will go to a new site that stimulates their senses. I will be talking more about this in upcoming posts, so please come back for more.


Real Estate Mobile IDX Websites with GPS/Proximity Searching

Impact Media has created a new version of our IDX Mobile Version for our Real Estate clients. This new version utilizes the GPS on your mobile device to tell you the homes that are available within a specific radius of your location. This version uses the latest mapping technology from Google Maps tied to IDX data that is updated multiple times a day to give you the most up to date results in Wilmington, NC and the surrounding cities. We have tuned this to be the easiest mobile friendly IDX search out there, as well as one of the fastest. See below for a screenshot of our Mobile IDX in action:

Real Estate Mobile Website IDX
Real Estate Mobile Website IDX

These mobile sites can be designed to compliment your current Site’s web design or if you would like to discuss redesigning your current Site’s web design we can perform a full evaluation of your situation. To schedule a full demo contact us today, if you would like a mobile site that does something else we can discuss that as well.


Wilmington NC Web Design & SEO

We just published a short video on YouTube we made with an easy to use tool we thought some of you might like to know about. It is called, you can make a video very easily with it, and I thought I would show you the result of it here on our Blog with some of our Clients websites that we have either designed or currently do SEO for in the area. Using video to help you with your Internet Marketing is huge and should not be overlooked when you are developing your marketing strategy. I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions please let me know.