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New Real Estate Website in Wilmington NC!

Team Gale has been a client of Impact Media’s for many years, and when it came to refreshing their website’s design and incorporating some new features I am not even sure if they shopped it around, which we appreciated very much! At this time they are one of the highest selling Real Estate teams in the Wilmington area and since we launched their last site we have learned a lot more about Form & Function in Real Estate Web Design. This website far exceeds anything we have done to date with some of its features, both on the front and back side of the site. You will notice when you navigate through it that it is FAST! It is using the latest trends in programming to enable it to be speedy no matter what type of internet connection you are on.
The next thing you will probably notice is all of the different options you have for MLS Search. Impact Media Solutions has been working with MLS Searches for as long as we can remember, and has some of the most reliable, fastest, up to date MLS data out there. We pull our data several times a day to ensure that it is up to the minute accurate and that you are never behind when it comes to available properties.
Now, thirdly hopefully you noticed the look and feel, this is something we spent a lot of time on crafting to get just right for Team Gale. We wanted to make sure that their site not only reflected how far they have come since their last site was designed, but where they are going in the next few years and this site offers them the scalability to be able to handle 3-4 times the business they currently have.
We always really enjoy working with Jack and his team and feel that they are very good folks! Please take a look at the site and let us know what you think…

real estate web design
Real Estate Web Design

New Web Design for Edwards Dental Consulting

Richard Edwards is a Dental Consultant for Henry Schein for North and South Carolina. He came to Impact Media with a purpose of providing a place for his existing clients to have easy access to information that they needed, along with wanting a marketing venue for his business. Impact Media worked with Richard to produce a cost effective website that he can update himself via the Content Management System utilizing WordPress and assisted him with gathering videos of his clients for his testimonial page. We felt that video testimonials would have a much better impact for other Dentists considering using his service. We also created Richard’s Logo that you see on the website and are helping him with managing his online Identity.

Dentist Website Wilmington NC

New Website Launch in Wilmington, NC for Getting in Shape!

Impact Media has just launched a new website for a Personal Trainer in Wilmington NC. His name is Adam Freeman and he is a great guy with a lot of knowledge about training and nutrition. He was referred to us by some existing clients and when we first met we discussed what he was and was not getting from his old website and then we discussed what his plans for growth were and helped Adam devise a marketing strategy for his business that entailed establishing an identity with a new Logo Design, recreating his website with a new Web Design, Client and Lead Management, then online marketing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Facebook Ads and Internet Marketing. His site has only been live a few hours, but we expect good things from our plan and hope the best for Adam.

Web Design
Web Design

New Real Estate website in Jacksonville NC

Courtney Carter with Keller Williams in Jacksonville, NC came to Impact Media Solutions looking to market 2 neighborhoods in the Jacksonville area and wanted 2 websites designed. She had seen some of our previous work and liked it, so we started on her projects with her goals in mind. This is the first website of the 2 that she is marketing and we are happy to say that it is getting received well in and around the Jacksonville area.

Jacksonville NC Web Design
Web Design

Mobile Websites – Just as Important as Apps | Wilmington NC

Lately there has been a rush for everyone to create apps for iPhone, Android and even Blackberry, but one of the lesser expensive alternatives you can do, that is still full featured, is to build yourself a mobile website that operates on Mobile Devices. We have been developing Mobile Websites for several years now and the thing we like about them is the flexibility we have. It is just like a regular website on smaller, so basically if you can do it on a regular sized site, you can do it on Mobile Website, although there are some things you may not want to for the sake of optimizing the site for Mobile devices. Such as you will want to limit your images, and absolutely NO FLASH, so it will run on iPhones and iPads. Then what you do is test your Mobile Website from your phone some and see how you can make it more user friendly for your clients. There is always something new you can add or do down the road, but we suggest trying to keep it as intuitive and simple as possible considering the amount space you have to work with. Below is a Mobile Website we just launched in the Wilmington/Brunswick Real Estate arena that you can search MLS from as well it will allow you to view properties that are around you without having to search anything. We enjoyed creating this Mobile Website for Plantation Properties and hope it helps them with their marketing!

Mobile Website Wilmington NC
Mobile Website Wilmington NC

New Live Music Venue in Wilmington NC

Impact Media Solutions has just launched a new website for The Brikhouse! The Brikhouse is a new nightclub located in downtown Wilmington, NC. It is built in a historic building that has a lot of sentimental value to me personally, it is where I used to go see bands play when it was called Jacobs Run, this was back in the early 90’s. The owner of the Brikhouse approached us to design a website that offered a Rock ‘n Roll theme and would allow them post shows independently and have those shows syndicate to their social media streams such as Facebook and Twitter. We took on the challenge and designed a site that provides all of the information a patron would be looking for when searching for live music in Wilmington, along with making it rank on Search Engines by providing Search Engine Optimization services to ensure that the site gets top billing on Google, Yahoo & Bing.

This Friday the 13th was their first day of being open and they had a great turnout! We look forward to seeing you down @ The Brikhouse!

Web Design | SEO | Brikhouse
Web Design | SEO | The Brikhouse

New Website Launch for RM Services in Wilmington, NC

Impact Media Solutions launches a new website for RM Services & Sales in Wilmington, NC. RM is a Restaurant Supply and Service company that is on a growth track! They have recently opened a new retail outlet and have expanded their offerings to their clients in the Wilmington area. RM came to Impact Media because they were looking for a fresh new look for their current website and Internet Marketing help, which was stale and really did not reflect the excitement that is going on at their company with all of the changes they are making, so we worked with them to provide a website that would allow them to show off their new store and the equipment that they have available to their clients and  our photographer got some great shots of their store and equipment.

This site was phase I of a multi phase project, the next phase will be to take the site to a full blown eCommerce website so that clients can order online, this will be coming in 2012, so stay tuned for more about RM Services & Sales!

Wilmington NC Internet Marketing
Wilmington NC Internet Marketing

New Website Launch for Paws Place in Wilmington, NC!

Impact Media launches a new website for Paws Place, an Animal Rescue Shelter serving Wilmington & Brunswick County since 1999. We took this site on as one of our Charities for the year, we love animals and these folks help them more than you know! Paws Place is a No-Kill Shelter that has found homes for over 250 dogs. We not only re-designed the website, but put it into a wordpress platform for easy Content Management for them to be able update their site when they get a new rescue. Their new site is linked to Twitter and Facebook, so that when they post a new Dog it syndicates directly to these Social Media Outlets and their Followers and Fans can see right away who needs rescuing and spread the word. This is truly a great cause and we hope we have given them a great tool to aide them with this cause! Thank you Paws Place for all you do!

Wilmington Web Design
Wilmington Web Design

New Restaurant Custom Web Design!

Impact Media has launched another Restaurant Website, we are really having a run on these this year! We like working with restaurants, they usually give us deals on food and drinks, which we LOVE!!! This website however is on a Brand New BBQ Restaurant in Atlanta GA, Evans BBQ! We have not been there to try it out, but just reading the menu made me want to hop in the car. This is a custom designed website that we chose to build on the WordPress platform for ease of management for the owners of the Restaurant. They have the ability to login and update their menu via the Content Management System at anytime or any of the other pages without having to email, or call us and wait on the updates. We wish you much success Alicia and Michael and look forward to trying out some of your specials when we are down that way for a conference very soon!

Restaurant Web Design
Restaurant Web Design