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New Campaign Website for Potential Sheriff!

Impact Media Solutions just launched a Campaign Website for a gentleman running for Sheriff in Calhoun County, Texas. Mark Daigle and his group approached Impact Media Solutions to create a Campaign Website that would be DYNAMIC and offer lots of features and give him a chance to communicate effectively to the people of his County. We took the challenge on and placed his site into a platform that allowed him to publish his Event Calendar, Link all of his Social Media and Accept Donations, along with providing the information the voters need to know about him to make an informed decision. We wish Mark the very best in the election, you can never have enough Sheriff’s on your side! Let us know what you think!

Campaign Websites Wilmington NC

Virtual Business Cards for your Email Signature

Are you interested in having a Virtual Business Card in your Email Signature? Your Email signature can say a lot about who you are aside from just providing contact information. It can show Personality, reflect your Corporate Brand and project Professionalism. At Impact Media Solutions we can create Virtual Business Cards that will go into your Email signature to compliment your brand and offer your Email Recipients easy ways to contact you or find information you want them to know. See below for a couple of examples of Virtual Business Cards that we have come up with for our clients. If you like what you see and would like to find out more about these contact us to discuss.

Virtual Business Card
Virtual Business Card
Virtual Business Card
Virtual Business Card

Web Design Wilmington & SEO for Wedgewood at Lanvale

Impact Media launches a new website for Point South Developers, the neighborhood is Wedgewood at Lanvale. We were approached by Point South Developers and Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty to re-design their website. They wanted to expand their internet presence and develop a cleaner more functional web design while offering more detailed information about their neighborhood for their customers. We were up to the task and so we worked with them to create a clean web design that offered easy to navigate controls and within 2 days of being live the website has already produced several leads!

Our next phase of the internet marketing project will be to start on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and bring the site up in the rankings on the Search Engines along with developing a Pay-Per-Click Campaign to produce 1st page results while the site orientates to the 1st page organically. Please take a look at the site and let us know what you think.

SEO Web Design
Web Design

IDX/MLS Search for Facebook in Wilmington, NC!

Impact Media can create a IDX/ MLS Search page for your Facebook Fan Page! This will allow your Facebook fans to search for IDX/MLS properties directly from Facebook and direct them to your site. We can design it to compliment the look and feel of your branding and current web presence with specific search features. Please take a look at the one below for a live example of how it works.


Website Re-Design & SEO in Wilmington NC

Impact Media has just launched a new website for Southwestern Business Resources, Inc., they are a International Search and Recruiting Firm with regional offices in the US & Europe. SBR contacted us to re-design their existing website and help them with their Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We took the project on and I have to say that SBR is exactly what their domain says they are, “Thinking Ahead”! SBR had a lot of great ideas and offered the input we needed to help us produce a site that will give provide them a significant edge on the internet. We enjoyed working with SBR very much and look forward to having a lasting relationship with their team! Please see below and visit their site and let us know what you think.

SEO & Web Design
SEO & Web Design

SEO & Internet Marketing Update

Havana’s Restaurant has been one of Impact Media’s clients since February of 2011 and that is when they came to us to Re-Design their Website and assist them with their Internet Marketing in Carolina Beach and the Wilmington, NC area. This post is an update on our efforts and the status of their site since we took over management. Havana’s traffic to their website has quadrupled from approximately 700 unique visitors/month to over 3000 unique visitors/month. Their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Google, Yahoo & Bing has advanced where they are in the top 3 results for any of the key terms they had requested and they continue to grow more every day. In fact, today is the grand opening of their new location near Wrightsville Beach on Wrightsville Avenue. They are experiencing good steady growth from many areas, and we like to think we have helped with that some, but we will not take all the credit Pete Donat knows how to run a restaurant, it is in his blood. He has done it just about all of his life and worked at some of the finer restaurants in town, so it is only natural that he would be successful with his venture. We definitely recommend going by and trying some of his menu, we do not think you will be disappointed. See below for some of the stats from Google that show steady growth of visitors and overall internet presence.

SEO Wilmington NC

Web Design & SEO for Restaurants in Wilmington, NC

Impact Media launches a new website for Aubriana’s Bistro in Downtown Wilmington, NC. It was very hard to stay focused on the work at hand with all of the images coming across of great food and then there was the wine, but we persevered and were able to get this site up and going for these great folks. They have some wonderful looking food and boy is it tasty! I personally had to go and sample some of the local flavor and it the Chef really knows what he is doing! Aside from my ramblings, when Aubriana’s first approached us they wanted a site that would be editable for their constant menu changes, so we provided them with a CMS (Content Management System), so they could make the edits themselves. They also wanted their site to be mobile friendly, their other site was in Flash, which would not even show up. So we built the site to render on mobile devices. Then there next concern was showing up on Search Engines and that is the next thing we are going to tackle for them, we will be pushing their site to the top of the Search Engines through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This will allow their site to show up with a high ranking for a selected group of keywords, therefore providing them with more exposure on the web. We will help them grow their web presence one day at a time! Let us know what you think of their site!

Web Desigin & SEO Wilmington NC
Web Design & SEO

Web Design & Internet Marketing Launch for Mortgage Company in Wilmington NC

Impact Media Solutions just launched a new website for “The Ashley Hales Team” here in Wilmington, N.C.. They are a group of Mortgage Bankers that are under Resource Financial Services out of Columbia, S.C. with one thing on their mind, being the best at what they do! We have been working with them over the past 2 months on this project and have seen the passion and drive that they have to be the best at what they do. This site offers some of the latest in Web Technologies, so please check it out and let us know what you think.

Wilmington NC Web Design
Web Design & Internet Marketing

New Web Design Launch for Super Droid Robots

Impact Media Solutions has just completed redesigning, which is an online retailer of custom Robots, Robot Kits, and Robot Parts. This site is huge, they have everything you can think of for a robot, whether you are building one or need a new wheel or tank tread! Needless to say, we had a lot of fun working on this site, because it is like a geeks dream to go through all of the different options and build your own Robot, but I digress. When the owner of the company came to us, he was getting quite a bit of traffic to the site, but he was not ranking at the top of the Search Engines, and the site was looking like something from the 80s. We set into motion a plan of attack and although Super Droid did not want to initially redesign, they did want to be at the top of the Searches, so we worked tirelessly to get them to the top and improved their traffic and their Sells, but their Bounce Rate was still very high (~60%). At this point, the even though we normally design first and optimize second, the owner of Super Droid had seen that you can bring the proverbial horse to water…. well you know the rest!
Anyway, earlier this month we launched the new design of and if you look at my prior post Web Design & Bounce Rates, you will see that we have taken his Bounce Rate down from 60% to hovering around 4-5%, which is AMAZING! I do not think I could make a success story up like this, his visitors are really embracing the new look and feel and his sales are improving and hopefully one day soon Super Droid will let us have our very own Impact Droid Mascot to run around and help us out around the office, it would probably be good to program in some cleaning protocols!

Until next time – Brian

Web Design & SEO
Web Design & SEO