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Internet Marketing Wilmington NC

Plantation Properties out of Southport NC came to us looking for help with Internet Marketing in Wilmington NC. Their web presence at the time was dated and their Search Engine Rankings  for their preferred key terms were not very competitive. We listened to their needs and designed a platform that allows them to update their website independently, meanwhile Impact would start an aggressive SEO campaign targeted on select key terms and work on increasing conversions on their new website we built. To date, the site has been up for about 5 months and we have seen an increase in traffic and the leads have increased, along with dramatic improvement with their Search Engine Rankings. We are happy to have helped Plantation Properties with this portion of their marketing and look forward to seeing what 2011 brings them!

Internet Marketing Wilmington NC | Wilmington NC Web Design
Internet Marketing Wilmington NC | SEO Wilmington NC

Ways to use Facebook to Build your Business!

A lot of us have fun on Facebook catching up with old friends and making new ones, but Facebook can be a useful Business tool if utilized properly. It is great for marketing products and services and connecting with your customers on a level that you were not previously able to. Below are some some helpful tips to assist you with setting up your profile.

  1. Fill out your profile completely, it helps earn the trust of the people you are connecting with, and help them identify with you.
  2. Next, setup a Business Account
  3. Install a plugin on your Blog to feed to your profile to help populate your current news from your site/blog.
  4. Remember to keep it professional, this is for your clients, you do not want to have too much personal information out there or any pictures that could hurt your business.
  5. Building on #4, post photos that are appropriate, you do not want, your potential or existing clients to think less of you, you are doing this to get business, not lose business.
  6. Be sure to get a Facebook vanity URL that relates to your business if available and that is easy for people to remember.
  7. When creating your marketing collateral, business cards, etc.. add that to vanity URL to your contact lists.
  8. When posting on Facebook, be sure to mix it up, do not always talk business, or your prospects/friends will ignore your posts. You must infuse a mix of posts to keep people interested in what you have to say or they will stop listening.
  9. Use the Find Friends option on Facebook to help you locate associates and friends that could help promote your business.
  10. Posting Surveys is a good way to get feedback from users on Facebook, as well as having contests and advertising discounts stating that they must say they saw it on Facebook.
  11. Once using Facebook, you can setup Facebook Ads, which is a very thorough way of advertising to a focused group of individuals, it allows you to narrow your demographic to exactly what you are looking for in a client and only advertise to them. It is money well spent, and a lot less expensive than Google Adwords at this time.
  12. Create a Facebook Fan Page for your Business and suggest it to your friends use it as another outlet to announce services and events for your business.
  13. And finally, try joining groups that may be relevant to the demographic you seek, it could be good for networking on the site

If you have any further questions about setting up a Facebook page or would like to learn more, please email me or give us a call.


Wilmington NC Web Design for Charity!

Impact Media Solutions just launched a website for a great cause! It is, they are based out of New Hampshire and work with the stars from the TV show Days of our Lives to benefit many charities through promoting events with the stars from the show. It is a great cause and we were happy to help them with their efforts to get the word out and help them promote their events! They have the ability to manage their site with a CMS (Content Management System) to add new events as well as media, photos and text on demand without having to wait on updates to be performed by a webmaster. It has made all the difference for them. If you are interested in helping them as we did please visit their website to learn more about how you can help.

Wilmington NC Web Design and Internet Marketing
Wilmington NC Web Design and Internet Marketing

Computer Repair Wilmington NC

In case you did not know Impact Media Solutions also offers Computer Repair and Computer Network services in and around Wilmington, NC. We have a certified staff of trained technicians that are up on the latest technologies be it Microsoft, Mac or Linux Servers or Desktops and securely configure them to your specific needs. With our diverse knowledge of the Web and Networking we are able to create dynamic scalable solutions that fit your company’s needs today that allow for growth tomorrow. We can assist your company with any sized computer need. If you would like a free site evaluation of your network or to setup a Security Audit contact us today for more information!

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Client

Impact Media Solutions was approached by Fayetteville Family Dentistry because they were not getting any leads off of their website, and it was ranking poorly on the Search Engines for their Keywords. Impact Media Solutions performed a thorough market analysis and formulated an Internet Marketing Action Plan to improve their position on the Search Engines while improving conversion rates on their website.

Before we began SEO, we 1st wanted to make sure the site would convert, there was no point in driving traffic to the site if it was not going to convert that traffic to leads, so we made some changes to the site to improve conversion, then we began the SEO portion of our plan. In less than 2 months made it to the #1 position for their desired keywords and has had a huge improvement in conversions. We are very happy for them!

Wilmington NC Internet Marketing & SEO
Wilmington NC Internet Marketing & SEO

Increasing your Online Conversion Rates on you Website!

The difference between having a good website and a great one is conversion. Let me explain, Conversion on your website is where someone contacts you through your website. If you have a website, and have taken the necessary steps to market your site (i.e. SEO, Adwords, Print Collateral & Self Promotion) and are still not getting the conversions you believe your site should be producing then this post may help you. The key is to make it simple for them. The more work your prospects have to do to contact you the less chance you have for a conversion. This means that your Contact Forms should be easy to find, do not make your prospects hunt around the site looking for a way to reach you. The next thing is the format of your form, visitors are more likely to fill out a short form than a longer form. We would all like to get as much information as possible from our visitors, but once it becomes work for them they will chances of them completing the form go down dramatically. It is always better to get a brief detail of your visitor, then follow up to get more detail if needed, this also shows interest on your behalf.

Some other ways to increase conversions that have worked for our clients have been to offer incentives for doing so, if a visitor believes that they may receive a gift or gadget for filling out a form they are more likely to do so. There is some give and take here.

All in all, you want your website to look good, perform properly, rank well and above all else produce revenue. If you would like to learn more about conversions or have questions please let me know.

SEO | Search Engine Optimization in Wilmington NC

Impact Media Solutions was approached by Southern Exposure Sunrooms because they were looking for ROI on their website. Southern Exposure had spent a lot of money on development of their new web design and rebranding and were not getting a return on their investment. They were spending money on Adwords and Organic SEO and their leads and dropped off considerably along with their ranking in the Search Engines. Impact Media was able to restore Southern Exposure Sunrooms to their #1 ranking that they had before within a matter of a month for all key terms and the conversions on their website started to happen again. We have been very happy with how the site has performed and so has Southern Exposure Sunrooms, they continue to get good quality leads, and we were able to cut their overall budget down by 35% from what they were spending previously. See what Impact Media Solutions can do for your Internet Marketing, ask for a no obligation evaluation of your site today.

Internet Marketing and SEO Wilmington NC
Internet Marketing and SEO Wilmington NC


Impact Media Launches New Web Site for Xtreme Play in Wilmington, NC

Impact Media Solutions recently launched an exciting site for Xtreme Play, a children’s inflatable and party service business that offers an assortment of on-site inflatable, party rooms, video games and other fun activities. We had a lot fun building this site, it really brought out the kid in all of us, and we will be planning a trip there soon to romp with the best of them. Xtreme Play currently has locations around Charlotte, but is expanding their footprint across NC with franchise opportunities. They were great to work with on this project! Impact Media Designed the site, built a custom content management solution (CMS) and perform regular search engine optimization on the site for selected key terms.

Wilmington NC Web Design & Internet Marketing
Wilmington NC Web Design & Internet Marketing

Impact Media Launches New Commercial Real Estate Site in Wilmington, NC

Impact Media Solutions has just launched a new website for SouthCoast Commercial located in Wilmington, NC. They specialize in commercial real estate in the greater Wilmington area. This is a refresh of the site they had done previously with us about 4 years ago and returned to have it redesigned. We are also providing SEO services for SouthCoast Commercial for a select # of terms in this local market. We hope you like!

Wilmington NC Web Design & Internet Marketing | SEO
Wilmington NC Web Design & Internet Marketing | SEO