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New Real Estate Website for Brunswick County!

Barbara Andrews with Sea Coast Realty Advantage came to Impact Media looking for a website that would help her business grow in the Brunswick County area of North Carolina. We met with her and went over her goals and have come up with what we have today for her new Real Estate Website. It features […]

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Tips for Internet Marketing on a Budget

                       Tips for Internet Marketing on a Tight Budget In today’s technologically advanced society, businesses have more ways and places than ever to market themselves. The World Wide Web has grown tremendously over the years and it is a great tool with endless limits. Creating and maintaining an online presence is essential to a business’ […]

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Content Marketing Is The Marketing Power of Useful Information

How often do you actually watch a television commercial?  When you are looking at something online or checking your Facebook newsfeed, how often do you take time to look at the banner ads?  When you receive a piece of snail mail that you know is an advertisement, how often do you actually open it?  These […]

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Open Sesame! Ignoring Simple Steps Leaves Your Smartphone Vulnerable To EVERYONE.

In part one of our new web blog series dedicated to smartphones, we examine a few ways to protect your Apple or Android device from thieves.  I work for a company that not only provides internet marketing services such as SEO, copy writing and web development, but we also have an technical division that handles […]

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Is Bad Writing Losing Leads For Your Business?

One thing I have learned in the internet marketing business is that many clients try to save money by writing their web content themselves.  This is a good idea for the business owner or marketing director who has a background in writing and enjoys the process.  For everyone else this is a bad decision because […]

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