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New Restaurant Web Design for Havana’s!

Impact Media has just launched a new Restaurant Web Design for Havana’s Restaurant located in Carolina Beach, NC. When Pete originally came to us in 2010 to re-design his website he was averaging 500 visitors per month, in the past 5 years his traffic has increased to over 6000 visitors per month and it continues […]

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New Website Design for The Riverboat Landing!

The Riverboat Landing holds a special place with us here @ Impact Media, they were the second website we ever did professionally back in 2004, and they have been through several website re-designs with us through the times. This restaurant is a historic landmark in Wilmington, NC and if you have never been there, then […]

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New Restaurant Web Design in Wilmington, NC!

Impact Media launches a new restaurant web design in Wilmington, NC. We worked closely with the owners of Double Happiness Chinese Restaurant to ensure they were getting exactly what they wanted from all angles of their marketing, and provided them with a website that really makes you want to go and try some of their […]

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New Website Launch for RM Services in Wilmington, NC

Impact Media Solutions launches a new website for RM Services & Sales in Wilmington, NC. RM is a Restaurant Supply and Service company that is on a growth track! They have recently opened a new retail outlet and have expanded their offerings to their clients in the Wilmington area. RM came to Impact Media because […]

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New Restaurant Custom Web Design!

Impact Media has launched another Restaurant Website, we are really having a run on these this year! We like working with restaurants, they usually give us deals on food and drinks, which we LOVE!!! This website however is on a Brand New BBQ Restaurant in Atlanta GA, Evans BBQ! We have not been there to […]

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SEO & Internet Marketing Update

Havana’s Restaurant has been one of Impact Media’s clients since February of 2011 and that is when they came to us to Re-Design their Website and assist them with their Internet Marketing in Carolina Beach and the Wilmington, NC area. This post is an update on our efforts and the status of their site since […]

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