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New Restaurant Custom Web Design!

December 8, 2011

Impact Media has launched another Restaurant Website, we are really having a run on these this year! We like working with restaurants, they usually give us deals on food and drinks, which we LOVE!!! This website however is on a Brand New BBQ Restaurant in Atlanta GA, Evans BBQ! We have not been there to try it out, but just reading the menu made me want to hop in the car. This is a custom designed website that we chose to build on the WordPress platform for ease of management for the owners of the Restaurant. They have the ability to login and update their menu via the Content Management System at anytime or any of the other pages without having to email, or call us and wait on the updates. We wish you much success Alicia and Michael and look forward to trying out some of your specials when we are down that way for a conference very soon!

Restaurant Web Design
Restaurant Web Design
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