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New Web Design Launch for Super Droid Robots

July 21, 2011

Impact Media Solutions has just completed redesigning www.superdroidrobots.com, which is an online retailer of custom Robots, Robot Kits, and Robot Parts. This site is huge, they have everything you can think of for a robot, whether you are building one or need a new wheel or tank tread! Needless to say, we had a lot of fun working on this site, because it is like a geeks dream to go through all of the different options and build your own Robot, but I digress. When the owner of the company came to us, he was getting quite a bit of traffic to the site, but he was not ranking at the top of the Search Engines, and the site was looking like something from the 80s. We set into motion a plan of attack and although Super Droid did not want to initially redesign, they did want to be at the top of the Searches, so we worked tirelessly to get them to the top and improved their traffic and their Sells, but their Bounce Rate was still very high (~60%). At this point, the even though we normally design first and optimize second, the owner of Super Droid had seen that you can bring the proverbial horse to water…. well you know the rest!
Anyway, earlier this month we launched the new design of www.superdroidrobots.com and if you look at my prior post Web Design & Bounce Rates, you will see that we have taken his Bounce Rate down from 60% to hovering around 4-5%, which is AMAZING! I do not think I could make a success story up like this, his visitors are really embracing the new look and feel and his sales are improving and hopefully one day soon Super Droid will let us have our very own Impact Droid Mascot to run around and help us out around the office, it would probably be good to program in some cleaning protocols!

Until next time – Brian

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