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New Website Launch for RM Services in Wilmington, NC

December 13, 2011

Impact Media Solutions launches a new website for RM Services & Sales in Wilmington, NC. RM is a Restaurant Supply and Service company that is on a growth track! They have recently opened a new retail outlet and have expanded their offerings to their clients in the Wilmington area. RM came to Impact Media because they were looking for a fresh new look for their current website and Internet Marketing help, which was stale and really did not reflect the excitement that is going on at their company with all of the changes they are making, so we worked with them to provide a website that would allow them to show off their new store and the equipment that they have available to their clients and  our photographer got some great shots of their store and equipment.

This site was phase I of a multi phase project, the next phase will be to take the site to a full blown eCommerce website so that clients can order online, this will be coming in 2012, so stay tuned for more about RM Services & Sales!

Wilmington NC Internet Marketing
Wilmington NC Internet Marketing
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