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We just launched a Campaign Website for Barfield for Congress!

Impact Media Solutions was selected to assist with the “Barfield for Congress” campaign and we are happy to help out on this project. We started with his Logo Design, then to his Palm Cards and have just launched his new website. Jonathan is a great person to work with and so are the rest of the people he has working his campaign with him. We wish Jonathan the best on his campaign and hope that you go check out his website to learn more about his stance on things and where he will be speaking next. Aside from his campaign website, we also assisted with his setting up his Facebook & Twitter pages to ensure his Brand was consistent across all Social Media platforms.

Campaign Websites

New Campaign Website for Potential Sheriff!

Impact Media Solutions just launched a Campaign Website for a gentleman running for Sheriff in Calhoun County, Texas. Mark Daigle and his group approached Impact Media Solutions to create a Campaign Website that would be DYNAMIC and offer lots of features and give him a chance to communicate effectively to the people of his County. We took the challenge on and placed his site into a platform that allowed him to publish his Event Calendar, Link all of his Social Media and Accept Donations, along with providing the information the voters need to know about him to make an informed decision. We wish Mark the very best in the election, you can never have enough Sheriff’s on your side! Let us know what you think!

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