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Tips to Successful Internet Marketing

Tips to Successful Internet Marketing

In this IT driven era, marketers are having to use a lot of different techniques to be effective. What makes for Internet Marketing Success? It all starts with an Effective Internet Marketer.

Internet Marketers Use Analytics


Getting noticed requires getting in front of the right people at the right time with the right message. Effective communicators know that it is easy for a message to get lost in its delivery. To be successful, Internet Marketers need to stay up to date on social trends. They need to keep pace with social changes and interpret how those trends are influencing the way people communicate.


Inbound techniques have huge benefits for organizations and their consumers. These techniques communicate messages that bring in customers. Blog posts, video, Social Media and other forms of content marketing attract customers. Inbound marketing techniques engage the customer in non-invasive ways. Successful Internet Marketing saves clients time and money. Marketers who master inbound techniques bring in more qualified leads with their ability to communicate effectively with a well defined audience.


Successful Internet Marketers are always searching for more insight so that they can better target customers for their clients. Internet Marketers need to understand the areas in which they have been the most effective and the least effective. Successful Internet Marketers take advantage of cutting-edge IT resources. They get access to valuable data that they analyze and interpret. Successful marketers keep track of their analytics so that they have concrete evidence of what works. Analytics identify productive marketing techniques and uncover ways to improve their campaign. Successful Internet Marketers know who their prospects are and where they coming from.


Nurturing your leads is crucial, and Successful Internet Marketers get this. Getting the lead is half the battle; the war comes after you’ve secured their interest. Marketers with the most success understand what to do with the lead after it is presented to them. They know how to further engage each prospect by communicating with them on a more exclusive basis. With Successful Internet Marketers bringing in larger quantities of leads, it is important that no one falls through the cracks. Successful Internet Marketers value Customer Relationship Management and will provide their clients with CRM software that empowers their clients to nurture and communicate with their prospects effectively and efficiently. Successful Internet Marketers make their leads feel valuable by keeping close tabs on those individuals.

Are you using Successful Internet Marketing? Are you finding ways to use these techniques to grow your business?


Marketing and IT are Working Together to Make an Impact

Marketing with Intelligence

Thanks to the Internet, there has been a shift in how information is exchanged. Specifically, when it comes to sales, the flow of information is now controlled by the customer, rather than the sales agent. Consumers no longer have to contact the direct source of the sale to receive information. Instead, they can have their questions answered through online resources, like search engines – even social media. As a result, customers have a tendency to educate themselves prior to initial face-to-face contact.

Organizations have become more transparent as their online footprint continues to grow. Consumers are able to educate themselves on more than a specific product; they are able to understand what makes the entire organization unique and then determine whether or not they are worth doing business with. In some cases, customers are more familiar with a company than the actual employees!

This increased online exposure, paired with advancements in technology, have forced marketing to go digital. Marketers are now virtually connecting the customer to the sale, rather than physically guiding them to a decision.

Targeting Customers
How Can You Target Customers?

Opportunities to market now exist across the Internet of Things – an industry that is rapidly growing. Marketers are now having to connect with audiences on platforms that go beyond the confines of a typical online experience.

Given this trend, marketers who team up with IT departments have an advantage over those who use a more traditional approach. IT specialists are system administrators who understand the specific intricacies of technology. They are logical and analytical, thriving on statistics and deductive reasoning. IT specialists are experts in understanding and enhancing the communication that occurs between connected systems; marketers are experts at communicating effectively and enriching conversation.

Marketers that work directly with IT specialists and system administrators are able to target specific demographics on a wide variety of connected devices and streamline network communications by using the analytics and statistics IT departments provide.

Marketing Strategy
Do You Need A Marketing Strategy?

When marketing and IT work together they are able to deliver comprehensive and effective marketing campaigns that keep pace with advances in technology and stay up to date on social trends.




Impact Media Marketing

Impact Media has a unique and effective approach that uses Intelligent Marketing. If you are interested in hearing more about how Intelligent Marketing can work for you, feel free to contact us!

3 Tips For Avoiding Content Marketing Overwhelm

Content MarketingContent Marketing is all the rage right now. If you spend any amount of time on CMO.com or AdAge or any other web marketing site, you will see titles such as “Why Content Marketing is King in 2015” or “Why You MUST Be Marketing Content”. We agree that content marketing is a critical piece of the advertising and marketing puzzle, but we also know that, for the small business owner or the medium sized business Director of Marketing, the pressure to produce volumes of content to please our clients can leave us in a serious state of overwhelm. So what are we to do? Here are three quick and simple tips to help you avoid the paralysis that is overwhelm.

1) Play to your strengths:
John is a good writer, but freezes in front of a camera. Jane hates writing, but comes alive in front of a camera. Both feel the need to produce content for their small business websites. This is easy: John needs to focus on blog writing, and Jane needs to make short info videos. Boom. Done. No brainer, right? One would think so, but we see all the time where the good writer feels pressure to produce videos, and the woman who is a natural in front of the camera feels pressure to produce good writing. If you’re feeling pressure to produce beyond your comfort level, chill out, take a deep breath, and tell yourself it is ok to do what you are good at. If you like writing, write! If you like making videos, then make videos!

2) Hang out where you are comfortable:
This is along the same lines as our first tip, but in regards to social media. “But I don’t like Facebook”. I hear this a lot. Can I share something with you? I don’t like Facebook either. I don’t like the pressure of saying the right thing or posting the perfect picture, lest I face the ridicule of my “friends”. Or, even worse, if I’m not cool enough, then they might completely ignore me. Sigh. It’s like high school all over again. Ok, so I don’t like Facebook, so what am I to do? Well, I’ve found that I like Twitter. I like tweeting. I like reading tweets. It works for me. So, methinks I should hang out on Twitter. Say it with me, “It is ok for me to hang out where I am comfortable.” Try different social media sites, and see what you like best, and
stick with it.

3) Leverage automation:
This is a fancy pants way of saying “be lazy.” This is how it works: If you are like me, and you like Twitter but don’t love Facebook, then use an app that will simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook. Better yet, have it post to Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Google+. That’s called getting it done.  Automation also works with blogging. Whether you are in a custom site solution or in a WordPress platform, you can automate publishing to social
media. Write the blog or post the video (whichever you are most comfortable with, of course) and auto-publish to your various social media hangouts. Boom. Done. Awesome.

Hey, content marketing is here to stay, so we need to embrace it, but don’t get overwhelmed with it. Find your strengths, do what you are good at, and use the power of automation to share it with your adoring customers.


Content Marketing Is The Marketing Power of Useful Information

How often do you actually watch a television commercial?  When you are looking at something online or checking your Facebook newsfeed, how often do you take time to look at the banner ads?  When you receive a piece of snail mail that you know is an advertisement, how often do you actually open it?  These are all forms of traditional advertising and thanks to modern technology they are no longer viable methods of sustainable marketing.  So what works in the Information Age?  To put it quite simply, the answer is information.

The technical term is call Content Marketing.  This is when you market to a targeted  consumer demographic with information they will find useful, engaging and most importantly valuable.  Your customers can tell the difference between useful information and SPAM.  By providing them with valuable content that educates them, you are solidifying their loyalty.  Here is an example to prove my point.  A few months ago the hot water in our house vanished.  We paid $220 to a plumbing company who came to our  house, traded out a few old parts with new ones and then told us they were not sure if it fixed the problem or not.  I had no desire to pay the extortion fee of another plumbing company so I decided I was going to fix the problem myself.  I went to the website of a locally owned hardware store who has a great selection of articles on common problems with household appliances.  I found quite a bit of information, but none about the hot water heater issue I was having.

What I did learn was that the owner had extensive knowledge about appliance repair and I felt he would be a good person to turn to.  I drove to his store, told him about my problem and he informed me it was going to be one of two things.  Then he directed me to the parts I would need to fix it and showed me how to make the repair.  Before I left he made sure I had the store’s number if I had any questions.  It took me one more trip back to his store, but in less than two hours I had fixed the hot water heater and did so for less than $20.  I could have bought the part cheaper at a big box store, but I had no way of knowing that the person selling me the part was as knowledgeable as this store owner was.  When another problem arises in the future, I know exactly where I will turn and I feel confident it will be the right move.

Aside from search engine optimization, your website’s blog has now become the most important marketing tool you have.  Blogging should become a priority because it is your chance to educate your customers and strengthen their trust in you at the same time.  I would also recommend using your blog entries in conjunction with a weekly email to your customer base to be more effective.  All you have to do is copy and paste half your blog entry into the email and add a link to the entire entry on your website.  Make sure you add links throughout your blog entry to other blog entries within your site when it is relevant.  This is called making your site more “sticky”.  That way you are driving more traffic to your site and keeping them there longer.  When the time comes and they need the service or product you provide, they will not question who to turn to.  You might have a smaller marketing budget than a large corporation, but you can make up significant ground on your competitors with the most valuable commodity there is… useful information! Content Marketing can not only be applied to your website, but to all of the platforms of Social Media where your potential clients are connecting with friends and possibly promoting their own services or products. In this form of marketing you have to “Give to Get”. What I mean by that is that you must establish rapport with your potential clients for them to trust you enough to do business with you. Impact Media Solutions can assist you with formulating a strategy for your Content Marketing, and in turn help your business thrive by capturing leads through unconventional means. We encourage you to speak with any of our clients in our portfolio about what we have done for their business as there can be no better form of marketing then a referral, and that is and I believe will always be our primary source of new clients.Content Marketing