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Landing Page Design

New Landing Page Design for Laysan Bay Farm!

New Landing Page Design, Logo Design & Product Wrapper Design for Laysan Bay Farm!

Analog Marketing

When the folks from Laysan Bay Farm came to Impact Media Solutions they had just finished securing their farm and getting it production going, and the next thing they needed was to do was sell, so they contacted us to not only create a Landing Page Design for their farm, but we also created their Logo Design & Egg Carton Wrapper. To which we enjoyed reinforcing their identity throughout every aspect of their Digital Marketing & Analog Marketing.

The folks @ Laysan Bay Farms are incredible people and they have amazing things in the works. We think you will be hearing much more from them in the months to come.

New Custom Web Design for Don Bullard!

Wilmington Web DesignImpact Media has just launched a brand new Web Design for Don Bullard Insurance here in Wilmington, NC. Don has been a client of Impact’s for over 8 years, and in time that we have seen Don grow his business dramatically in South Eastern North Carolina leveraging TV, Print and most importantly Digital Marketing & SEO. His new website is a custom web design built on WordPress to provide him with the flexibility of managing his website independently to add content and Blog on demand. His new website design boasts some of the latest concepts and ideas in Digital Marketing, which we hope will assist him with his goals for Sales & Customer Service. Please visit Don’s new website by clicking on the image above and let us know what you think.