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USS NC Battleship Wilmington NC

USS NC Battleship in Wilmington NC 4K Drone Footage

Recently Impact Media was hired to produce some 4K video of the USS NC Battleship located in Wilmington, NC and while the embedded video is not all of the video we shot, we did put together a quick demo reel for you all to see how incredible the 4K footage came out with our new Drone. If you are thinking about getting some Drone Footage or Aerial of a landmark, business, or anything else, let us know and we will be happy to speak with you about your project. Please watch the video below and enjoy!

An Underwater Drone is Coming

As a lot of our customers know, we are bullish on drones here at Impact Media Solutions, and we are fired up about this new drone technology.

A new article from GizMag highlights a new underwater drone coming in August. With an expected retail price of $999, this will open up a whole new field of personal drone exploration.

Udnerwater Drone Gear

Driven by a variable speed pump system, and controlled with a remote control with video screen, the drone looks a lot like traditional submarines.

The only drawback to the submersible drone is that in salt water it must be tethered with a transmission cable, as salt water tends to block wifi signals.

We are looking forward to this coming out and to the images and videos it will produce as people start to use these at their local beaches and lakes.

Read more about it here at Gizmag.

Our New Drone with GoPro Cam!

At Impact Media we are always looking for new things to enhance our business and of course our clients. When we got the opportunity to get this new DJI Drone with GoPro camera we were very excited about the possibilities of presenting things in a whole new perspective, and have been teaching ourselves to fly it while getting great video and aerial photos. We are following the legislation closely on the use of these Drones closely, and once the FAA decides how they want to legalize the use of these, we will be offering this as an added service for our clients. In the meantime, we will be putting up some of the video from our training sessions with our Drone, so that you can see some of the possibilities, and also view our progress as we learn to fly it better and figure out more uses for it.