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Social Media and the Campaign

The presidential campaign of 2016 is in full swing and candidates are vying for the White House. Elections in the past focused on public perception, with politicians harping on each other by attacking their reputation. It was all about image; typical politics. We have seen and heard from each of the candidates, but one thing we have yet to see – those “promotional” campaign ads filled with insults and low-blow accusations that target political opponents. Wonder why?

Follow Jeb Bush on Instagram

If you have been keeping up with the 2016 campaign, you have surely noticed that it is anything but typical. Unlikely political “outsiders” have not only gained, but maintained and advantage over other familiar and experienced politicians, thus reshaping the campaign. It’s not about image anymore – it’s about personality. Take, for example, Donald Trump – the candidate with the strongest personality. Everyone has been talking about him, creating quite an uproar. No one expected him to even run, much less make it this far with so much support. There really is a likelihood that he could fulfill the Presidency. To keep the campaign competitive, candidates have had to tweak their approach and break out into new territories, like social media. Despite their differences, what do all of the candidates have in common? Each of them have active social media accounts.

Social Media CampaignFacebook, Twitter, Instagram – even Snapchat – have been the driving forces behind political exposure. Candidates now realize that the best way to gain momentum is to connect with voters on a more personal level. Remember, it’s not about image anymore; this campaign is about personality.

Social media is proving to be one of the most effective ways to target specific demographics and influence voters. Statistics show that 63% of people felt the quality of information about candidates and political issues was better than the quality of content produced by more traditional media outlets. Social media allows candidates to connect with voters on a personal level. Politicians become engines of activity. In doing so, 40% of users on social media have participated in a political discussion or affiliated themselves with a candidate.

Millennials are the reason why social media has become such a necessity on the campaign trail. Campaign 2016Rather than picketing campaign signs or tagging their cars with bumper stickers, people are advocating for candidates on social media – millennials especially. This generation makes up a large percentage of the market share, giving them significant influence as registered voters.
Social Media Presidential ElectionThe candidate who wins the support of millennials will probably win the election. You could say that social media followers are the new modern day lobbyists.

So, what is the takeaway from all of this? Social media gives you the ability to target specific demographics with messages that appeal to your audience. It also offers exponential exposure as more people include you in their social network. Think of your social media following as an endorsement – a validation that you are legit and worthy of recognition. An active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – and even Snapchat – is extremely important if you are trying to sell yourself or your organization. The reason is that social media `transforms a product into a service and an organization or public figure into a friend.

Facebook Twitter Instagram SnapchatIf you are not currently using social media to market yourself or your organization, you could be missing out on a large percentage of the market share. Social media can be a huge asset for your business, but it is important to consult with a marketing or media specialist who truly understands how to convey professionalism and personality effectively. If the presidential candidates have social media advisors, it is highly recommended that you and your organization have one too.

New Tech: Facebook Has Built a Plane to Deliver Internet

Add this to the list of things we are amazed by: Facebook has built a plane that will deliver internet connectivity to remote areas via lasers.

The plane is constructed of foam wrapped in carbon fiber, and has a wingspan wider than a Boeing 747, but it weighs less than a Prius.

The plane will fly crazy high in the atmosphere, above commercial airline flights and above the cloud level, and will be powered by an array of solar panels on top of the plane.

Learn more about the plane and Facebook’s plans here.

Social Media Marketing: Facebook is hiding your best posts from your customers

Social Media Marketing:

Facebook is hiding your best posts from your customers.

For real.

They are really, really good at it, too. If you are like me, you have been confused as to why the snazzy photo of your latest creation or the amazing testimonial from your well connected client only reached 8 people.

Facebook Marketing
This post announcing a new website only reached 12 people. 12 people!!! Are you kidding me

I feel your pain.

It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong, it’s not that you stink at social media marketing, and it’s not that the system is gamed against you. It’s simply that Facebook changed the rules, and began limiting who can see what.

“In 2012, Facebook famously restricted organic reach of content published from brand pages to about 16 percent. In December 2013, another round of changes reduced it even more. By February 2014, according to a Social@Ogilvy analysis of more than 100 brand pages, organic reach hovered at 6 percent, a decline of 49 percent from peak levels in October.”  wrote Marshal Manson at social.ogilvy.com in March of 2014.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook tightened the reigns even more at the beginning of 2015:  “Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.” This from an announcement Facebook made in November 2014.

Facebook claims the reasoning behind the restriction is to provide a better user experience.

I’m sure the profits aren’t hurting them either.

Facebook now requires you to Boost or Promote a post in order for it to be seen by more than just a small percentage of your page’s followers. You can choose to share with your page’s followers, with your followers and their friends, or with a targeted public audience, all at escalating price levels.

So what is a small business to do in light of this news?

First, recognize what Facebook is to your business. It is a marketing space in which you can interact with your customers in a social way, and Facebook now expects you to pay for it.

Second, look at how Facebook fits into your overall marketing strategy. Is it a good fit? If so, then apportion a part of your marketing budget for social media marketing, and use the “Boost Post” option on your business page posts.

Third, only pay to boost strong content that will entertain or educate your customers and build your brand presence.

Facebook certainly isn’t dead, and it’s not going away anytime soon, but it’s not free anymore. It is still a valid marketing platform for small businesses, and can be a valuable piece of your marketing strategy when used correctly.

Are you frustrated with Facebook?  We can help. Click here to get started.



We just launched a Campaign Website for Barfield for Congress!

Impact Media Solutions was selected to assist with the “Barfield for Congress” campaign and we are happy to help out on this project. We started with his Logo Design, then to his Palm Cards and have just launched his new website. Jonathan is a great person to work with and so are the rest of the people he has working his campaign with him. We wish Jonathan the best on his campaign and hope that you go check out his website to learn more about his stance on things and where he will be speaking next. Aside from his campaign website, we also assisted with his setting up his Facebook & Twitter pages to ensure his Brand was consistent across all Social Media platforms.

Campaign Websites

Is Your Business’ Facebook Page Ready for Graph Search?

The new Graph Search from Facebook will be launching soon and it’s going to change the way many consumers decide where to spend their money.

We met with a client recently who said, “I don’t have a Facebook page and I don’t want a Facebook page.”  In her mind, Facebook was about posting updates and as a busy business owner, she didn’t have time.  There are quite a few business owners who feel the same way.  The quick retort to their thinking is…you’re losing business.

Facebook’s business pages aren’t about posting updates as much as they are about having another place of indexed information for the search engines to find.  Well, that was the old reason.  Now there is an even more important reason and that’s Facebook’s new Graph Search.

Have you ever posted a question on your personal Facebook page asking where a good place to eat Italian was?  You might get two or three responses, but typically you end up just going to another search engine and looking up choices that way.  The new Graph Search will actually scour your friends pages and will pick up on if they have “Liked” an Italian restaurant’s Facebook page.  It will also pick up on business pages that have a higher amount of “Likes”.  So when you search on the Facebook Graph for Italian restaurant, you will see that your friend Deborah like’s Gino’s and that Stephanie likes Carrabba’s.  If Jerry’s Italian Bistro has 200 “Likes” and that’s as much or more than any other Italian restaurant in the area, then they will show up higher in the search results as well.

This Graph Search search engine is going to be a game changer and it becomes more important than ever to have your customers and clients to “Like” your page.  It should become part of your marketing campaign.  An easy way to direct them to liking your page is to set up an accessible QR code in your waiting area or on the back of your business card.  Have it lead to your Facebook page when they scan it with their smartphone.  If you really want to do it right, hire a firm like Impact Media to customize your QR code for you so it will stand out and attract attention.  Make sure it’s on every receipt, every mailer, anything that leaves your store should have your Facebook QR code on there.  This will help you gain more “Likes” quicker and in turn should help optimize your search rankings with the new Facebook Graph Search.

Facebook QR Code

Website Launch for Baker & Colby | Web Design Wilmington

Impact Media Solutions has just launched a new website for Baker & Colby Law Firm in Wilmington, NC. They actually have 5 offices in Wilmington, Southport, Carolina Beach, Jacksonville, and are growing their footprint every day. When they originally came to Impact Media their focus was mainly on Real Estate and Estate Planning, but since then they have grown to include many other areas of the law including Traffic & DWI, Corporate, Family & Divorce, which has made them one of the most comprehensive Law firms in the area with one of the largest foot prints. Their team is very  advanced with technology and utilize it to make it easy on their clients and more affordable as well. Their new site comes complete with a Content Management System that allows their team to update the site on demand, and Blog from their WordPress Blog to post relevant news anytime they have it available. Their Blog also syndicates to their Social Media such as Twitter & Facebook, so they are able to extend the reach of their website to others that do not visit their site daily. We hope you like their new site, if you have any questions please let us know.

Web Design Wilmington
Web Design Wilmington

New Website Launch for Paws Place in Wilmington, NC!

Impact Media launches a new website for Paws Place, an Animal Rescue Shelter serving Wilmington & Brunswick County since 1999. We took this site on as one of our Charities for the year, we love animals and these folks help them more than you know! Paws Place is a No-Kill Shelter that has found homes for over 250 dogs. We not only re-designed the website, but put it into a wordpress platform for easy Content Management for them to be able update their site when they get a new rescue. Their new site is linked to Twitter and Facebook, so that when they post a new Dog it syndicates directly to these Social Media Outlets and their Followers and Fans can see right away who needs rescuing and spread the word. This is truly a great cause and we hope we have given them a great tool to aide them with this cause! Thank you Paws Place for all you do!

Wilmington Web Design
Wilmington Web Design

IDX/MLS Search for Facebook in Wilmington, NC!

Impact Media can create a IDX/ MLS Search page for your Facebook Fan Page! This will allow your Facebook fans to search for IDX/MLS properties directly from Facebook and direct them to your site. We can design it to compliment the look and feel of your branding and current web presence with specific search features. Please take a look at the one below for a live example of how it works.


Wilmington NC News @ 11:00 on WECT 2/24/2011

Impact Media Solutions will be on WECT News tomorrow 2/24/2011 @ 11:00 working on a News story with Colin Hackman discussing Sidejacking. Webopedia defines Sidejacking as a “Term to describe an act of hijacking an engaged web session with a remote service by intercepting and using the credentials that identified the user/victim to that specific server. Typically, SideJacking is most common on sites that require authentication through a username and password, such as online web mail accounts as well as social networking sites. Side Jacking works only if the site catches a non-SSL cookie, so any web site that uses SSL exclusively would be safe from SideJackers.”

In doing the interview and the story with WECT I was asked to perform SideJacking on users in specific locations for demonstration purposes and then show the users what access we had gained to their accounts. Needless to say they were very surprised to learn once we got their approval that we could access their Facebook accounts, Email accounts, etc…

This story is meant to be a word of caution when using Open WiFi hotspots such as in Coffee shops and other places that offer free internet. When you are on these free WiFi connections there are some precautionary steps that you should take to protect yourself.

You can read more about the story by going to the link below.


Tips To Protect Yourself From Sidejacking

Ways to use Facebook to Build your Business!

A lot of us have fun on Facebook catching up with old friends and making new ones, but Facebook can be a useful Business tool if utilized properly. It is great for marketing products and services and connecting with your customers on a level that you were not previously able to. Below are some some helpful tips to assist you with setting up your profile.

  1. Fill out your profile completely, it helps earn the trust of the people you are connecting with, and help them identify with you.
  2. Next, setup a Business Account
  3. Install a plugin on your Blog to feed to your profile to help populate your current news from your site/blog.
  4. Remember to keep it professional, this is for your clients, you do not want to have too much personal information out there or any pictures that could hurt your business.
  5. Building on #4, post photos that are appropriate, you do not want, your potential or existing clients to think less of you, you are doing this to get business, not lose business.
  6. Be sure to get a Facebook vanity URL that relates to your business if available and that is easy for people to remember.
  7. When creating your marketing collateral, business cards, etc.. add that to vanity URL to your contact lists.
  8. When posting on Facebook, be sure to mix it up, do not always talk business, or your prospects/friends will ignore your posts. You must infuse a mix of posts to keep people interested in what you have to say or they will stop listening.
  9. Use the Find Friends option on Facebook to help you locate associates and friends that could help promote your business.
  10. Posting Surveys is a good way to get feedback from users on Facebook, as well as having contests and advertising discounts stating that they must say they saw it on Facebook.
  11. Once using Facebook, you can setup Facebook Ads, which is a very thorough way of advertising to a focused group of individuals, it allows you to narrow your demographic to exactly what you are looking for in a client and only advertise to them. It is money well spent, and a lot less expensive than Google Adwords at this time.
  12. Create a Facebook Fan Page for your Business and suggest it to your friends use it as another outlet to announce services and events for your business.
  13. And finally, try joining groups that may be relevant to the demographic you seek, it could be good for networking on the site

If you have any further questions about setting up a Facebook page or would like to learn more, please email me or give us a call.