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Landing Page Design

New Landing Page Design for Laysan Bay Farm!

New Landing Page Design, Logo Design & Product Wrapper Design for Laysan Bay Farm!

Analog Marketing

When the folks from Laysan Bay Farm came to Impact Media Solutions they had just finished securing their farm and getting it production going, and the next thing they needed was to do was sell, so they contacted us to not only create a Landing Page Design for their farm, but we also created their Logo Design & Egg Carton Wrapper. To which we enjoyed reinforcing their identity throughout every aspect of their Digital Marketing & Analog Marketing.

The folks @ Laysan Bay Farms are incredible people and they have amazing things in the works. We think you will be hearing much more from them in the months to come.

Photographer Web Design

New Photographer Web Design in Wilmington NC!

New Photographer Web Design in Wilmington, NC for Connor Barth!

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the best Photographers in Wilmington, possibly even the world and we always enjoy working with other creatives, because you usually end up with an amazing end result. Well, Connor Barth’s new photography website is no different. Connor’s style is unique and gives us a fresh perspective on the area we live in from his up close photos (In the Wave) to his drone photos, they are all pretty amazing and we feel very blessed to be working with him and helping him get started on his next career as a photographer. In fact, we also provided Connor with Logo Design for his new career that he will be using as his signature on all of his work.

Some of you may know of the name Connor Barth if you happen to be a fan of the NFL. He was most recently a kicker for the Miami Dolphins, but he does not let that go to his head, and remains humble and very approachable, he is a Wilmington native that lives just over the bridge @ Wrightsville Beach.

Let us know what you think of his new Photographer Web Design!

Web Design

New Web Design & Logo Design for Master Pools!

Logo DesignMaster Pools of Wilmington came to Impact Media due to needing professional guidance on building a strong brand in the Wilmington area. Their company is an offshoot from Greenville Pools, which has been around for 37 years, and Todd moved to Wilmington to start another office and wanted to brand himself uniquely.

Impact Media evaluated their current logo design and web design with them, and we decided to start over from scratch and it has only been a week, and we are already hearing good things. Their website is already starting to rank higher for the particular needed key terms, and their brand is starting to get recognition on all Social Media outlets as well as participating in some great charity work this Christmas season. We hope you enjoy their website, and that it makes you want a pool in your backyard! If you need a no cost evaluation of your current marketing, whether it be digital or otherwise let us know, we are always happy to share our ideas with you to help you grow your company.

We just launched T.J. Drechsel’s new website!

We have just launched a new website for a local photographer in Wilmington, NC. His name is T.J. Drechsel and he has some great work on his site showing his areas of focus. We were so impressed that we purchased some of his work for our walls here at the office. We also provided him with Logo Design, Responsive Design (Mobile Website) and Ecommerce. If you are looking for a photographer with some exciting new ideas for you personally or your business I would suggest you contact him immediately, because he is only going to get busier in the coming days!

Photography Web Design

We just launched a Campaign Website for Barfield for Congress!

Impact Media Solutions was selected to assist with the “Barfield for Congress” campaign and we are happy to help out on this project. We started with his Logo Design, then to his Palm Cards and have just launched his new website. Jonathan is a great person to work with and so are the rest of the people he has working his campaign with him. We wish Jonathan the best on his campaign and hope that you go check out his website to learn more about his stance on things and where he will be speaking next. Aside from his campaign website, we also assisted with his setting up his Facebook & Twitter pages to ensure his Brand was consistent across all Social Media platforms.

Campaign Websites

Web Design for Velocity Physical Therapy in Wilmington NC

Impact Media Solutions has just launched a new web design for Velocity Physical Therapy, along with providing Logo Design for their new internet marketing strategy. Impact Media was chosen to complete their vision of where their company is headed and help it along the way. We are so glad we got to meet the wonderful folks at Velocity Physical Therapy; Maggie is a genuine and honest person with a lot of great ideas. We hope that you take the time to learn more about how she and her staff are helping people and maybe she can help you.

Web Design & Logo Design

New Website Design for Builder in St James Plantation

We just launched a new website design for W. Epstein Builders in Southport, NC. They are a Builder that is focused on building in St. James Plantation, which at any given time has about 180 homes being built. Bill Epstein is a custom builder with many years of experience that has some great home plans displayed on his site and he and his team have some great ideas about how to build the perfect home for someone. We really enjoyed working with them on this project, they were very quick learners and have already begun to embrace their Blog and Social Media that we helped setup for them. They will be utilizing Impact Media for a total Internet Marketing Package to promote their company. They also used Impact Media to create their Logo Design and a new identity for their company as they were re-branding for 2012. If you are considering building a home in that area I would definitely give them a call to learn more, I think you will be impressed with their ideas!

Builder Website Design
Builder Website Design

New Web Design for Edwards Dental Consulting

Richard Edwards is a Dental Consultant for Henry Schein for North and South Carolina. He came to Impact Media with a purpose of providing a place for his existing clients to have easy access to information that they needed, along with wanting a marketing venue for his business. Impact Media worked with Richard to produce a cost effective website that he can update himself via the Content Management System utilizing WordPress and assisted him with gathering videos of his clients for his testimonial page. We felt that video testimonials would have a much better impact for other Dentists considering using his service. We also created Richard’s Logo that you see on the website and are helping him with managing his online Identity.

Dentist Website Wilmington NC

New Website Launch in Wilmington, NC for Getting in Shape!

Impact Media has just launched a new website for a Personal Trainer in Wilmington NC. His name is Adam Freeman and he is a great guy with a lot of knowledge about training and nutrition. He was referred to us by some existing clients and when we first met we discussed what he was and was not getting from his old website and then we discussed what his plans for growth were and helped Adam devise a marketing strategy for his business that entailed establishing an identity with a new Logo Design, recreating his website with a new Web Design, Client and Lead Management, then online marketing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Facebook Ads and Internet Marketing. His site has only been live a few hours, but we expect good things from our plan and hope the best for Adam.

Web Design
Web Design