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Real Estate Web Design

Real Estate Web Design For Discover NC Homes

Real Estate Web Design

Discover NC Homes has been a client of Impact Media’s for over 9 years and in that time we have created many websites for Nolan and his group from his main group real estate website to neighborhood websites and more. In this custom web design refresh we demonstrate how Discover NC Homes has developed their own look and feel in a market where many look alike. We built their new website design on top of WordPress using our custom WordPress IDX plugin that we developed and are in the process of releasing a new version next month.

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Real Estate Web Design

New Real Estate Web Design For NC!

New Real Estate Web Design for Coldwell Banker Sea Coast’s Global Luxury division. This custom web design is built on our latest version of ImpactIDX and has features that are not found on local market Real Estate Websites anywhere. We are very proud of this new website, as it reflects many hours of development creating one of the TOP MLS Searches in the area for Luxury Properties. Please have a look for yourself and let us know your thoughts.

Real Estate Web Design

New Real Estate Web Design for Team Gale!

New Real Estate Web Design for Team Gale in Wilmington, NC, which is the top Real Estate team in South Eastern North Carolina! This new web design offers the very latest versions of our MLS Search and it is paired up with our MLS Mobile Apps to give Team Gale the most powerful set of Real Estate Search tools in the country! This will be the 4th version of their website that we have built for Team Gale since 2006 when they became not only our clients, but our friends as well. We are very excited about this deployment, and hope you will enjoy using their new very user friendly web design. Please let us know what you think.

New Real Estate Web Design in Wilmington, NC!

Real Estate Web DesignThe Kay Baker Team has been a client of Impact Media Solutions for over 7 years now, and in that time we have assisted them with their internet marketing. We are pleased to announce that they have chosen us to build their new and improved Responsive Web Design that continues the legacy of one of the best Realtors Wilmington ever had, Kay Baker, was not only an incredible Realtor, but she was also an incredible woman. We do miss her very much, and we are proud to continue her legacy with the team she assembled. Please take a moment and visit their new website, we think you will like it!

Using Websites for Real Estate Agents

Why Real Estate Agents are Rethinking Websites

For years real estate agents have relied on websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com to brand themselves and to capture leads in the real estate industry. It made sense for agents to associate themselves with these syndicators because of their established reputation and the marketing budget that these companies have, just like it’s always made sense for home buyers to initially land on one of these websites to search for properties. But with recent updates with the MLS, more and more real estate agents are choosing to abandon these traditional practices in order to keep their customer base secure and use their marketing budget more effectively.

The properties in the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, contain descriptions and photographs that belong to the agent who wrote the descriptions and took the photographs of the properties. Therefore, the listings displayed in the MLS are proprietary material that belongs to the local area’s Association of Realtors because they are the ones that publish the listings. For years the Association of Realtors has provided this data to Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com, allowing them to freely republish these listings under their corporate brand and then turn around and sell advertising space back to the realtor who owns the content in the first place. The data on these sites is not always accurate and the advertising costs continue to rise resulting in the cost per lead levels becoming not so cost effective.

This is how popular syndicators have been able to gain so much traction within the real estate industry. Websites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com have access to any and all properties, which they list on their websites. When an agent’s properties are listed on these syndicated websites, the association goes directly back to the large entity, rather than to the actual real estate agent, unless the agent pays for ad space. As a result, real estate agents have shifted their marketing efforts in order to focus on direct association.

Agents desire to brand themselves as a leader in the industry – the go-to agent for your next home. In order to do so, real estate agents are having to put themselves out there in areas where they may not be so familiar. While syndication websites still retain some value, real estate agents are realizing the importance of listing their properties on their personal websites.

real estate web designA well planned website gives you the ability to individually brand yourself by providing a platform on which you can broadcast your personal message and express what makes you the go-to guru.

When an agent lists their properties on their personal website, they have the ability to capture potential buyers and/or sellers. Even more so, they are able to gain insight into shoppers’ browsing activity and interests. What is most important – real estate agents are able to generate a higher quality of leads which means more contracts closed!

Launching a website, especially in the real estate industry can be a complex process that can be quite a headache if not done properly. However, when you rely on a web developer that specializes in the industry, launching a website is a much more pleasant experience. Web developers are able to design user-friendly websites that attract and retain shopper engagement.

Ready to brand yourself but don’t know where to begin? Start by contacting one of the leaders in real estate web design.


New Real Estate Web Design in Wilmington NC

Real Estate Web Design

Real Estate Web Design:

Impact Media Solutions’ first web design launch of 2016 goes to Team Gale Real Estate here in Wilmington, NC. This is the 3rd custom web design we have created for Team Gale since 2006. Year after Year Team Gale is recognized as the top Real Estate Team in Southeastern North Carolina, and we like to think we have helped with that, but it all starts with Jack and Tom Gale, the 2 team captains we have worked with over the years. They are constantly embracing new technologies, and are always looking for better ways to service their clients. We look forward to seeing how they do in 2016 with their new web design that offers not only Responsive Web Design, but some new Real Estate Tools that are brand new!

New Custom Real Estate Web Design

Responsive Real Estate Web Design

Impact Media Solutions has just launched a new custom web design for The Shane Register Team in Wilmington, NC. This new website design offers our latest Responsive IDX, as well as the entire site being responsive for all devices. Shane and his team have been great to work with, and the ideas that came from every meeting we had helped create a stronger real estate web design, power packed with features for his team and his clients. Please take some time to visit and let us know what you think.

New Real Estate Web Design For Bald Head!

Real Estate Web DesignWe just launched a new Real Estate Web Design for Atlantic Realty Professionals that specializes and deals only with Bald Head Island Real Estate. This website has a responsive web design, allowing for it to resize to fit any device attaching to it, making it easy to navigate from your computer, tablet or your phone. It offers the latest version of our IDX Engine ImpactIDX, that is one of the fastest IDX engines out there, with the most up to date information you can find due to our sync that happens multiple times a day with each IDX we are connected to currently. Please have a look and let us know what you think.

New Real Estate Web Design!

Real Estate Web Design
Real Estate Web Design

Gary Nichols has been a client of Impact Media’s for close to 4 years, and in that time he has grown his real estate business substantially. We will not take all the credit for that, but we like to think we had a little hand in it. Gary is hyper focused and works hard for his clients and it shows with the success he has had. Impact Media provided Gary with his first web design, and that was well received, and now he has returned to Impact Media to create a new responsive web design that allows for better searching from any device, whether it is a computer, phone or tablet you will be able to search properties easily on his new responsive website. His new website design offers our latest Responsive IDX Search for real estate agents in the greater Wilmington area.

The two greatest compliments to us are a client that continues to use our services again and again and/or if they refer us for our core competencies to one of their friends or businesses. It tells us that we must be doing something right, and we enjoy that feeling.

New Web Design for Kure Beach Real Estate!

Real Estate Web Design

Impact Media has just launched a new Real Estate Web Design focusing on Kure Beach Real Estate. This site is utilizing our IDX WordPress plugin to display properties that are in the local MLS. David Dougherty has been a client of Impact Media’s for many years, and has continued to use our services over and over again as the market changes and he needs to adjust his internet marketing. This new site is features Responsive Web Design, WordPress IDX Plugin, and a fully functional Content Management System, so David can make changes to his site whenever he needs to.  Utilizing Responsive Web Design this site will conform to whatever device you are using to access it in an user friendly manner.