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5 Secrets for an Award-Winning Website

5 Secrets for Creating an Award-Winning Website

Entrepreneur magazine contributor Firas Kittaneh presents his 5 secrets for creating an award winning website.

His top 5 secrets?

1. Utilize white space

E-Commerce Web Design
www.shopthewonder.com is a good example of utilization of white space.

2. Streamline navigation (give people what they want quickly)

3. Use testimonials and/or incentives to “hook” visitors (see an example of this here, on a website Impact Media built for a local personal trainer).

4. Keep it speedy and simple (faster page loads are valued by Google, and thus are important for SEO)

5. Mobile responsive (Also important for SEO)

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At Impact Media we have been employing these website  “secrets” to good success for our clients. To learn more, contact us for a free marketing consultation.

The Case For SEO (or Search Engine Optimization Is Not Dead)


“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” – Mark Twain

It has been said that SEO is dead.



We’re here to say it’s not true. Well, us and an armful of statistics say that SEO is alive and well and still vitally important as a key part of any marketing strategy.

Consider these amazing statistics:


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is still going strong. Use it!

Impact Media provides awesome SEO services for local Wilmington NC businesses and for websites abroad. Find out more here.


SEO Testimonial Wilmington NC

This testimonial was shot quickly during a follow up meeting with John Hickey of Southern Exposure Sunrooms here in Wilmington, NC. In this video John humbles Brian & Impact Media with his kind words on the job we do for him on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet Marketing and the effect it has had on the growth of his business statewide. This testimonial means a lot to us here at Impact Media, because not only did we do a job, but we made a difference, and we try do this with every job we take on. We hope you enjoy the video & John if you read this Thank you so much for the kind words!

New Custom Web Design for Atlantic Metal Roofing in Wilmington, NC

Atlantic Metal Roofing came to Impact Media looking for more than just a website, that was clear from our first meeting with Todd Bourgeois, one of the partners. They were looking for a company to partner with that was interested in learning about their business and the unique service they offer. After our meeting Todd was on the phone calling references furnished by us checking out if we were who we said we were, and ensuring that our current clients were in fact happy with our work and I think that was the biggest testament to his signing on with Impact Media. A company can say they will do a lot of things, but will they deliver those things is a BIG question, well Todd knew that, and he went straight to the source to find out if we would. Reports came back from our clients that not only do we deliver when we say we will, but we go beyond that most of the time and try to exceed expectations. At Impact Media our biggest marketing campaign is “Word Of Mouth” advertising, and without our clients referrals we would not be in business, so we appreciate all of our clients very much!
I got a little off topic, back to Atlantic Metal Roofing’s new site, Todd & Chuck had decided they wanted to use us for their new web design, seo (search engine optimization) and print advertising, which had made them successful in the past, but they were ready to take it to the next level. We worked with them on many meetings trying various different strategies, from bizarre to conservative until we hit exactly what they were looking for to complement their marketing. These guys take a lot of pride in what they do and want to make sure that their marketing reflects the quality of their work and we are humbled that they chose Impact Media as their vendor. We hope you like it.
Web Design  SEO

New Web Design for Travel Website in Wilmington NC

Impact Media Solutions launches a new travel website for 4 Seasons Travel Group here in Wilmington, NC. They were originally with a group that included a website for with their package, but they were not getting any leads from this and it was not allowing for any SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so Impact Media formulated a strategy that would allow 4 Seasons to have the best of both worlds. They would have a site they could update themselves using the WordPress framework Content Management System or CMS and we redesigned their site to accomplish their ultimate goal, which was lead conversion. The site has only been live for 24 hours, but we are already seeing it start to climb up the search engines, and the Liz the owner tells me she loves the new web design. I hope you will go and check out the new site and let us know what you think.

Web Design Wilmington

SEO & Internet Marketing for your website.

In my last blog I discussed how many business owners are out-of-touch with today’s internet and that even if you do have a website that has a responsive web design, a great look, and is set up properly for search engines, you still have more to do to turn it into a lead generating machine.  That’s today’s subject…True Internet Marketing.

True internet marketing isn’t web banners, it’s not Facebook or Google ads, it’s search engines.  There isn’t anything more direct in marketing than someone typing in exactly what they want.  Search engines have become our personal assistants.  If you look at SIRI from the iPhone 4S, you will see and hear what is the next level in search engine development.  People don’t use the phone book anymore.  What they use is Google.  Google has captured 70% of the search engine market and they have done so by marketing their name as a verb. Think about when you have to blow your nose.  Do you say, “I need a tissue,” or “I need Kleenex”?  It’s the same with Band-Aid.  Is there even another name to refer to it?
At Impact Media we offer what is called Search Engine Optimization.  That means we work diligently to make sure your website is not only found, but as close to the top of the list as possible when someone searches for your product or service in your area.  While we do optimize for Yahoo and Bing, they account for only 11 and 5 percent of the search engine market.  That’s why we’re obsessed with Google.  That’s what people are going to use and that’s the main gauge we use to determine how effective our SEO is for a company.  When someone searches for computer repair, or mortgage broker, if you come up 15th on the Google results, how many people do you think are going to go through the first fourteen and not choose someone?  They’re going to choose from the top five to ten they see.
Now there are plenty of SEO companies out there and they will spout off statistic after statistic of what your return-on-investment will be with them.  They will make claims how they are a transparent company with nothing to hide. Then they will lock you into a year long contract and if you don’t think they’re doing a good job for you, then your stuck in a bad contract. I have sat in on two different local SEO companies presentations and both used these tactics.  My questions was, “Why do you even need to say that?  If you’re so good and so transparent, give me a name of one of your SEO clients and let’s google them.  Let’s find out how good you are.  At Impact Media there are no contracts for SEO.  Our goal is to get you as high up that Google Search as possible and if you aren’t seeing a return on your investment, fire us.  We can say that, because we’re that good.
At Impact Media we’re not here just to market you to Wilmington, we’re here to market you to the world.  That starts with your website and ends with your SEO.

Thank you very much,

C.S. Alexander

New Website Launch for a Great Cause! Web Design & SEO

Impact Media Solutions has just launched a series of websites for the Vibrant Children initiative. This is an organization dealing with the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder and raising a healthy child in today’s challenging world. We are a strong supporter of this cause now after learning about the epidemic that is going on in America right now. These sites are designed to educate on proper nutrition, along with providing access to purchase products specifically meant to improve the quality of life for the children and families who are dealing with these issues. Below are some screenshots and links to the sites for the work that was done for this cause. We hope you like and learn as we did!


New Web Design for Sun Coast Partners in Wilmington, NC

Coldwell Banker Sun Coast Partners is a Commercial Real Estate and Property Management Firm in Wilmington and serving South Eastern North Carolina. We have been their webmaster for more than 5 years and since that time we have performed SEO on their website and made their site the #1 for many of the Keywords and terms that they are optimizing for in the market. Their marketing is very focused at businesses both in and out of town and we help facilitate that marketing by providing them with Internet Marketing that gets results for their Agents and Clients. Visit their new website and let us know what you think, it is very different from what we had for them before.

Web Design & SEO
Web Design & SEO

New Web Design for Intercoastal Contracting in Wilmington NC

Intercoastal Contracting is a large construction company in the Wilmington area that can build on land or water. They have done some amazing work with Bridges, Marinas & Dams. When we started reviewing their needs and their work for their portfolio we were truly humbled by the work they have done and are working on currently. These folks really work on some BIG projects! When they initially approached Impact Media they were looking for a web design that clearly explained what it is they do and displayed a portfolio of their past projects for perspective clients to see their capabilities. They really wanted an online brochure. They also are engaging Impact Media for SEO and Internet Marketing services to expand their footprint on the web, so not only will they have a nice website to send people to, but they will be found by the keywords and terms that their perspective clients will be searching for them by. We have enjoyed working with Intercoastal Contracting and look forward to their future successes from their website and internet marketing.

Web Design Wilmington
Web Design Wilmington