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Mortgage Website

New Mortgage Website in Wilmington!

New Mortgage Website in Wilmington, NC for one of our longest living clients, Joey Milam @ Alpha Mortgage.  Joey has been a client of ours since 2006 and we enjoy working with him on the projects he is involved in, especially this one, because it marks a career change for him from Marketing Director to Mortgage Lender, and in making that switch we were glad to assist him with his new Mortgage Web Design and provide him with not only building his new website, but also marketing via SEO and SEM. We wish Joey many years of success as a Mortgage Lender and we look forward to continuing to work with him for many years. His new web design has the very latest in Mortgage Applications that are utilizing the brand new API from Encompass, so that the application goes directly into his profile for processing, without any effort from him at all.


Web Design


SEO is something that a lot of companies offer as a service, and what I find interesting is the companies that sell SEO, but do not rank on the first page of Google or any other search engine for any particular keywords. Of course if you are like me, then you probably get solicited 10-20x a day by email, phone and smoke signals that someone can get your website to #1 on Google. Unfortunately, a lot of these nefarious companies and individuals give our industry a bad name.

Here @ Impact Media Solutions we have been consistent with delivering on what we promise and delivering high rankings for our clients, not necessarily for the keywords that they think they need to rank for, but the keywords that our research shows that they should rank for, and for keywords that produce conversions. We are a humble company with humble employees, but we do believe that proof is in the screenshot, so we have added 3 screenshots below demonstrating that not only can Impact Media rank your website high, but that we rank #1 consistently with these key terms on Google organically. We have blurred the companies out that were either Pay-Per-Click or Local Competitors.

We would not ask you to pay for something we were unsure we could produce for you. Please see below and let us know how we can help your company rank higher on the Search Engines. #marketwithimpact

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Infinity Gets A New Web Design & SEO!

Infinity Acupuncture has been a client of Impact Media’s for over 5 years and in that time we took over the maintenance, hosting & SEO for the web design they had built by another company. Gretchen had 2 other companies try to get her to Page 1, but they were unsuccessful getting her past Page 3. Who knew Acupuncture was such a competitive market in Wilmington, NC.

We found that while the other SEO companies did try, they were missing several important factors. Within a month of taking over the site, we had Infinity on Page 1, and within 2 months we had them @ #1 for their desired key terms. SEO is a moving target, and what worked last year, may not necessarily work this year. While we recommended Infinity Acupuncture update their site, we still needed to work within their budget. Well, we are proud to say that they have upgraded their new web design and we think this is not only going to be great for SEO, but it also going to be much easier for users to navigate Infinity’s website. Please visit Infinity’s new web design and let us know what you think!

New Commercial Real Estate Web Design

Web Design
Commercial Real Estate Web Design

This week we launched a new commercial real estate web design for Commercial Real Estate Wilmington NC here in Wilmington, NC. This is the 3rd time Sun Coast Partners has returned to redesign and improve their website with us in our 10 year relationship. This new web design is responsive and adapts to any device you are viewing it from, and is the most intuitive real estate search for commercial listings in the area. While Sun Coast does like to stay up date on design and functionality, Impact Media also provides them with ongoing Local SEO and we continue to keep their website at the top of the Search Engines for any commercial real estate related search. When we have repeat clients like this, it is the best compliment we could ever receive!

Please have a look and let us know your thoughts…

New Website Design for RELAX!

Website Design

Today Impact Media launched a new website design for RELAX Massage located here in Wilmington, NC. They have been clients for over 3 years and in that time we have not only gotten them to the #1 spot on all search engines for their keywords by providing them with SEO, but have maintained them there consistently. Please go view this  on any of your devices, computer, phone or tablet and you will see how responsive it is for them all.

SEO for BING, Seriously?

SEO ChartSearch engines such as Google, BING, Yahoo and Ask have always had their own way of categorizing and ranking websites they feel are pertinent to your query or search. These search engines use a very complicated algorithm to ensure they not only provide you with the search results you are looking for, but also to discount spammers and black hat SEO companies from getting false positives ranked. In my career of providing SEO for over 10 years, I have always optimized for Google first, then Yahoo and Bing. However, since Windows 8 hit the scene, I have seen BING more than double in market share. This is due, in fact, to how BING is essentially a part of Windows 8, and most users do not change that default setting when they migrate to Windows 8, or to the more current Windows 10.

Google is still dominating the search engine platforms, accounting for over 64% of market share. BING is rounding out at 20%, and with more users switching to Windows 8 or 10, that percentage will continue to rise. To ensure our clients are getting the exposure they need to sell their products and/or services, I put emphasis BING Optimization with 1 out of every 5 searches happening there. One little known fact is that BING and Yahoo share the same search engine in North America. The two organizations are separate in every other place in the world, but here in America they share the same platform, which makes it a little easier to optimize companies that are not international.

Studies and surveys show that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. In fact, 85% of all new visitors to a website originate from search engines. With rapid advancement in today’s mobile technology, people are growing accustom to searching on the fly and the majority of searches are actually carried out on a smartphone or tablet while users are on the go, away from their desktop. For this reason, search engines – specifically Google – have labeled mobile-friendly sites with the appropriate tag “Mobile-Friendly” and thus, ranked them higher than the sites that are not mobile responsive. That being said, optimizing for mobile devices is vital for search engine exposure.

Comprehensive SEO is the most effective tool in driving traffic to your website but it takes more than general knowledge to actually deliver results. You’ll want to discuss optimizing your site with an Internet marketing professional who takes time to get to know and understand your business while staying up to date on changes on the various search engine algorithms. It is important to consult with a specialist who understands the specific language search engines speak and how to translate your site to communicate more effectively with both search engines and viewers.

If you have questions about this post, or would like a free SEO evaluation, please contact Impact Media Solutions to see where your site stands on SEO.

New Custom Web Design for Don Bullard!

Wilmington Web DesignImpact Media has just launched a brand new Web Design for Don Bullard Insurance here in Wilmington, NC. Don has been a client of Impact’s for over 8 years, and in time that we have seen Don grow his business dramatically in South Eastern North Carolina leveraging TV, Print and most importantly Digital Marketing & SEO. His new website is a custom web design built on WordPress to provide him with the flexibility of managing his website independently to add content and Blog on demand. His new website design boasts some of the latest concepts and ideas in Digital Marketing, which we hope will assist him with his goals for Sales & Customer Service. Please visit Don’s new website by clicking on the image above and let us know what you think.

SEO, We Let The Numbers Tell The Story!


Recently Impact Media was retained to perform Search Engine Optimization on DAC Awnings’ website that they had created with another company. When Geoff Brantley with DAC came to Impact Media their new website launch had made their website drop dramatically in the rankings on Search Engines, and their current vendor was unable to stop the downward spiral. Within one month Impact Media has increased their rankings on all Search Engines, and in turn increased their traffic to the tune of over 80%.  This is going to make a great 1st SEO meeting with DAC Awnings, as we expect to hear their sales will be up too.  Stay tuned for more details to come!

When SEO is not needed

“I’m just not sure that SEO is going to help me,” Jack told me on the phone. “My customers just are not searching for me on the internet.”

My friend Jack is an entrepreneur, and has successfully started and managed an interior trim installation business for the last 8 years. With the ebb and flow of the construction industry his company has grown and shrank, and today he has a strong company with a couple of employees, but he wants to grow and expand so that he can work less in the field and more in the office. He plans to accomplish this by expanding his market to include a neighboring city.

“So how would your customers find you?” I ask. “And who is your ideal customer?”

“My ideal customer is a local custom homebuilder,” Jack replied, “and typically when they are searching for a new tradesperson they will ask their lumber supplier or a competing builder for a reference. They are not going to Google to look for a new carpenter.”

I could not argue with this, because Jack is right. My experience in the homebuilding industry in years past backed this up. That industry is a closed group, and most tradesmen are not good marketers, relying on word of mouth and relationships to win them new business. In this environment, money spent on search engine optimization would be wasted. As much as I have seen the success and exposure that SEO can bring, in this situation it just would not be effective.

In today’s complex world, there is no true “one-size-fits-all” solution for marketing one’s business services. An analytical process is needed that yields a custom fit marketing plan. Your business has unique resources, unique customers, and unique solutions. Why should the process by which you reach these customers be any different?

I can safely say that 80% of our customers can benefit from Search Engine Optimization. An equal number can benefit from social media campaigns. So to say that everyone needs SEO or that everyone needs a Facebook strategy would not be accurate. I cringe when I talk to salespeople from marketing companies that are trying to shoehorn customers into a specific package or program they offer, with no regard to the unique needs of that company.

There is a better way to do this! It begins with customer analysis – who is your customer? Why do they need your product, and what makes them purchase? Where are they looking when they need your service? What does it take for them to feel enough trust to make a purchase decision? Once you’ve answered these questions, you can begin to draw straight lines to what your marketing plan needs to include.

In my friend Jack’s case, we recognized that a large website with SEO and social media campaign was not going to produce good return on investment. Instead we focused on who exactly his ideal customers were. In this case we performed an internet search for custom builders in the city he wanted to expand into, and came up with a list of twenty building firms to target. We then zeroed in on what action Jack wanted the marketing campaign to prompt: a request for proposal. We then designed a two part plan to reach these firms: phase 1 was to design and launch a one page website (with parallax scrolling for whiz-bang effect) that Jack could personalize and tweak himself to keep costs down. Phase 2 was to create something of value that could be hand delivered to these firms to show professionalism and provide initial value – for Jack we designed a large printed cardboard case to display interior trim samples that a builder could use for trim selections for custom home clients, along with an “Interior Trim Takeoff Form” that would simplify interior trim estimating and ordering. Both these items would display Jack’s company logo and contact information, and the takeoff form would advertise Jack’s free proposals.

A simple, targeted marketing plan will outperform a generic scattershot approach and will, in many cases, cost significantly less. In this situation Jack would have been throwing money into the wind with search engine optimization, but was spending money wisely targeting his few potential customers.

I talk to a lot of business owners and marketing directors who say “why do I need SEO?” In response, I say to them, and to you, “you only need SEO if your potential customers would look for you through a Google or Bing or Yahoo search.” This is 80% of you out there. While to Jack’s carpentry business SEO was not helpful, it is critical to the custom builder he wants to work for, because his customers are looking for a new builder on the internet.

Is SEO needed for your company? Will it help you reach new clients? Conquer new markets? Improve your lead pipeline? If your customers are looking for what you sell on the internet, then it is absolutely needed.

If you don’t need SEO, then by all means don’t chase it. But if you do need SEO, then why not take advantage of the opportunities it can unlock?

If you are interested in Impact Media Solutions assisting you with your Search Engine Optimization, contact us today to get started.

Lawyer Web Design

New Lawyer Web Design for Roger L Young!

Impact Media Solutions has just launched a new web design for Robert L Young Law Firm here in Wilmington, NC. Roger L Young came to Impact Media looking to improve his Internet Marketing and build his referral network in North Carolina with other lawyers. We are now beginning phase II of his project which is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and marketing of his services across the state of North Carolina. His new website design is responsive, which means it responds to any device connecting to it, and renders the website in a usable layout. Mr. Young is also a great hobbyist photog and you can see some of his wonderful pictures on the site in specific areas. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new website design.