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Tips to Successful Internet Marketing

Tips to Successful Internet Marketing

In this IT driven era, marketers are having to use a lot of different techniques to be effective. What makes for Internet Marketing Success? It all starts with an Effective Internet Marketer.

Internet Marketers Use Analytics


Getting noticed requires getting in front of the right people at the right time with the right message. Effective communicators know that it is easy for a message to get lost in its delivery. To be successful, Internet Marketers need to stay up to date on social trends. They need to keep pace with social changes and interpret how those trends are influencing the way people communicate.


Inbound techniques have huge benefits for organizations and their consumers. These techniques communicate messages that bring in customers. Blog posts, video, Social Media and other forms of content marketing attract customers. Inbound marketing techniques engage the customer in non-invasive ways. Successful Internet Marketing saves clients time and money. Marketers who master inbound techniques bring in more qualified leads with their ability to communicate effectively with a well defined audience.


Successful Internet Marketers are always searching for more insight so that they can better target customers for their clients. Internet Marketers need to understand the areas in which they have been the most effective and the least effective. Successful Internet Marketers take advantage of cutting-edge IT resources. They get access to valuable data that they analyze and interpret. Successful marketers keep track of their analytics so that they have concrete evidence of what works. Analytics identify productive marketing techniques and uncover ways to improve their campaign. Successful Internet Marketers know who their prospects are and where they coming from.


Nurturing your leads is crucial, and Successful Internet Marketers get this. Getting the lead is half the battle; the war comes after you’ve secured their interest. Marketers with the most success understand what to do with the lead after it is presented to them. They know how to further engage each prospect by communicating with them on a more exclusive basis. With Successful Internet Marketers bringing in larger quantities of leads, it is important that no one falls through the cracks. Successful Internet Marketers value Customer Relationship Management and will provide their clients with CRM software that empowers their clients to nurture and communicate with their prospects effectively and efficiently. Successful Internet Marketers make their leads feel valuable by keeping close tabs on those individuals.

Are you using Successful Internet Marketing? Are you finding ways to use these techniques to grow your business?


Social Media and the Campaign

The presidential campaign of 2016 is in full swing and candidates are vying for the White House. Elections in the past focused on public perception, with politicians harping on each other by attacking their reputation. It was all about image; typical politics. We have seen and heard from each of the candidates, but one thing we have yet to see – those “promotional” campaign ads filled with insults and low-blow accusations that target political opponents. Wonder why?

Follow Jeb Bush on Instagram

If you have been keeping up with the 2016 campaign, you have surely noticed that it is anything but typical. Unlikely political “outsiders” have not only gained, but maintained and advantage over other familiar and experienced politicians, thus reshaping the campaign. It’s not about image anymore – it’s about personality. Take, for example, Donald Trump – the candidate with the strongest personality. Everyone has been talking about him, creating quite an uproar. No one expected him to even run, much less make it this far with so much support. There really is a likelihood that he could fulfill the Presidency. To keep the campaign competitive, candidates have had to tweak their approach and break out into new territories, like social media. Despite their differences, what do all of the candidates have in common? Each of them have active social media accounts.

Social Media CampaignFacebook, Twitter, Instagram – even Snapchat – have been the driving forces behind political exposure. Candidates now realize that the best way to gain momentum is to connect with voters on a more personal level. Remember, it’s not about image anymore; this campaign is about personality.

Social media is proving to be one of the most effective ways to target specific demographics and influence voters. Statistics show that 63% of people felt the quality of information about candidates and political issues was better than the quality of content produced by more traditional media outlets. Social media allows candidates to connect with voters on a personal level. Politicians become engines of activity. In doing so, 40% of users on social media have participated in a political discussion or affiliated themselves with a candidate.

Millennials are the reason why social media has become such a necessity on the campaign trail. Campaign 2016Rather than picketing campaign signs or tagging their cars with bumper stickers, people are advocating for candidates on social media – millennials especially. This generation makes up a large percentage of the market share, giving them significant influence as registered voters.
Social Media Presidential ElectionThe candidate who wins the support of millennials will probably win the election. You could say that social media followers are the new modern day lobbyists.

So, what is the takeaway from all of this? Social media gives you the ability to target specific demographics with messages that appeal to your audience. It also offers exponential exposure as more people include you in their social network. Think of your social media following as an endorsement – a validation that you are legit and worthy of recognition. An active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – and even Snapchat – is extremely important if you are trying to sell yourself or your organization. The reason is that social media `transforms a product into a service and an organization or public figure into a friend.

Facebook Twitter Instagram SnapchatIf you are not currently using social media to market yourself or your organization, you could be missing out on a large percentage of the market share. Social media can be a huge asset for your business, but it is important to consult with a marketing or media specialist who truly understands how to convey professionalism and personality effectively. If the presidential candidates have social media advisors, it is highly recommended that you and your organization have one too.

Social Media Marketing: Facebook is hiding your best posts from your customers

Social Media Marketing:

Facebook is hiding your best posts from your customers.

For real.

They are really, really good at it, too. If you are like me, you have been confused as to why the snazzy photo of your latest creation or the amazing testimonial from your well connected client only reached 8 people.

Facebook Marketing
This post announcing a new website only reached 12 people. 12 people!!! Are you kidding me

I feel your pain.

It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong, it’s not that you stink at social media marketing, and it’s not that the system is gamed against you. It’s simply that Facebook changed the rules, and began limiting who can see what.

“In 2012, Facebook famously restricted organic reach of content published from brand pages to about 16 percent. In December 2013, another round of changes reduced it even more. By February 2014, according to a Social@Ogilvy analysis of more than 100 brand pages, organic reach hovered at 6 percent, a decline of 49 percent from peak levels in October.”  wrote Marshal Manson at social.ogilvy.com in March of 2014.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook tightened the reigns even more at the beginning of 2015:  “Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.” This from an announcement Facebook made in November 2014.

Facebook claims the reasoning behind the restriction is to provide a better user experience.

I’m sure the profits aren’t hurting them either.

Facebook now requires you to Boost or Promote a post in order for it to be seen by more than just a small percentage of your page’s followers. You can choose to share with your page’s followers, with your followers and their friends, or with a targeted public audience, all at escalating price levels.

So what is a small business to do in light of this news?

First, recognize what Facebook is to your business. It is a marketing space in which you can interact with your customers in a social way, and Facebook now expects you to pay for it.

Second, look at how Facebook fits into your overall marketing strategy. Is it a good fit? If so, then apportion a part of your marketing budget for social media marketing, and use the “Boost Post” option on your business page posts.

Third, only pay to boost strong content that will entertain or educate your customers and build your brand presence.

Facebook certainly isn’t dead, and it’s not going away anytime soon, but it’s not free anymore. It is still a valid marketing platform for small businesses, and can be a valuable piece of your marketing strategy when used correctly.

Are you frustrated with Facebook?  We can help. Click here to get started.



Tips for Internet Marketing on a Budget

Internet Marketing                       Tips for Internet Marketing on a Tight Budget
In today’s technologically advanced society, businesses have more ways and places than ever to market themselves. The World Wide Web has grown tremendously over the years and it is a great tool with endless limits. Creating and maintaining an online presence is essential to a business’ success. Impact Media understands that times are tough and not everyone as room left in their tight budgets when it comes to marketing, so here are 12 steps to follow to assist in developing a successful internet marketing strategy

1. Know your market.
Your market includes your customers, your suppliers, and your competitors. Your marketing strategy will not be successful if you do not have your audience defined clearly. It is extremely useful to get a big-picture view of your target customers. Who is your target market? Who will be most interested in your product and/or service? Age groups/Genders/Location, etc.? What are your customer’s interests? What do they need? What are some of the likes and dislikes they have about competitors? Once you have an idea of these factors, figuring out how and where to reach them and how to tap into them will be much easier and you will not waste money and time marketing to the wrong individuals. One of the many keys to keeping your marketing ground-breaking is customization and personalization. Let your customer know you think of them as an individual.

2. Set and Reset Goals.
Do you know what it is that you’re trying to gain from internet marketing? Increased awareness? Increased revenue? Both? You will most likely have many goals which is great! Be sure to keep track of what they are so you can measure your success and tweak things as needed. When you accomplish a goal, set a new one….keep aiming to accomplish more!

3. Set a budget.
Once you have figured out what your target market is and you’ve set your goals, you’re ready to plan your budget accordingly. One of the great things about internet marketing is that you can be successful even on a tight budget. There are platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) that are available free of charge. With that being said, sticking solely with no-cost forms of internet marketing may not be the best strategy for your company’s success. Determine what channels are most beneficial for your company and be willing to spend a little money to get the results you’re striving for.

4. Brand yourself.
What is it that you want to be known for? Gone are the days where customer’s first impression is made in-person, thus establishing your brand. The internet and social media have enabled anyone and everyone to become known and connect with others in a real time fashion. Who you are and how you come across is a crucial factor in establishing your brand. You need to establish a presence and generate brand awareness through networking.

Having a professional website and a strong social media presence is extremely important when branding yourself. There are countless companies trying to sell products in your targeted market area and on the internet; what is going to make your brand unforgettable? You need to be able to set yourself apart from the competition. This begins with your website. Your domain name should be your company’s name if possible, and if that domain is already taken something reasonably similar will work. You don’t want potential new customers getting lost trying to find you on the web. Obtaining a domain name has a fee involved, but using a hosting service is very affordable even for the most constricted budgets.
A successful brand provides self-promotion, conveys loyalty, and offers consistency in the quality of service/product you provide.

5. Website.
Content Marketing is key! Having a great web design is flattering, but websites like Craigslist.org & many others prove that it is content that users go there for time after time.  What does your site say about you, your company and your industry? Is it unique and useful? Does it draw potential new customers in? Will people gain new information from looking at your site? Is it easy for users to get information to contact you on your website? These are all things that a successful website needs to produce leads or sales, depending on your focus.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
When someone enters a search query related to your company into a search engine, whether it’s through Google/Bing/Yahoo etc., don’t you want to be one of the first ones to be displayed? The obvious answer is YES! This is possible by making your website more appealing to search engines by knowing what the Search Engines are looking for and leveraging that information to increase your rank for specific keywords and queries. SEO can be a complex and time consuming process; however, the time needs to be spent on it to guarantee that your website will be found. Some of the stress can be taken off your shoulders by hiring a professional that stays up on the Algorithms  like Impact Media :).

7. Pay-Per-Click or SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
This is an immediate way to get your website up in the rankings and in front of your target market. SEM gives  you much more flexibility and configuration by allowing you to run your ads in specific geographies, and now with Google+ getting traction on the Social Media playground you can also choose from a more detailed demographic for your ads to be displayed to.

8. Blogging.
The more content you have on your site, the more opportunities there are for search engines to pick it up. Blogging is a good way to generate leads and links to your site. That being said, don’t produce content just to produce content. You need to make sure what you are conveying is informative and relative. Create quality posts, not just quantity, that will engage your reader and draw them in. There are many sites that you can submit your blogs to that do 2 things, the first being that it exposes your posts to new readers, thereby expanding your marketing, and it also generates back links to your site, which search engines still like.

9. Social Media.
First off, be sure that you are picking your battles wisely here, make sure the Social Media platforms you decide to leverage contain your audience. Facebook is pretty much a given, because it would seem that the whole world is on there, but do you know if your products or services will be interesting to the typical user on Pinterest or the 100s of others that are out there. Be active and build a known presence on social media sites, but do not make every post about a product or service that you offer, you will effectively desensitize your fans with them thinking that every post you make is just another sales pitch. Provide good information that helps them with their life, whether it is Do-It-Yourself tips or offering ways for them to save time or money through a value added post works great and builds rapport. Use these free tools to promote your blogs and engage with customers in a casual, yet professional manner.

10. Email Marketing and Email Reminders.
Be sure to integrate your email marketing campaigns with your other marketing campaigns for maximum impact. Email campaigns should be relative to not only your business, but the economic climate of your clients. There are specific days that work better than others to send out an email, and those days vary depending on if you are marketing to a business or a private individual. There are many factors that need to be taken in on how and when you send these emails to avoid being misconstrued as SPAM or having your audience start ignoring you, because you talk about the same thing in every email.

11. Conduct Webinars.
Webinars are inexpensive ways to increase 2 way communication between you and your clients. It opens up more dialogue and builds rapport by offering your availability and reinforcing that you are an expert on the topics that interest them or that they need.

12. Local Business Directories.
Most of these are free and it’s silly not to take a few minutes to enter your business’ information on them. Before paying to be listed on a Local Directory, see how the free ones work first. At this point the major Search Engines have a local directory section that is free to setup, and if setup correctly can yield great results for you.

By following these simple steps, your business will climb the ladder of success much faster and think of the web as “What you put in, you get out”, as long as you are following these steps!

ARGGGGH! New Web Design for Friends of the Queen Anne’s Revenge!

Impact Media has just launched a new website for Friends of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. This is a non-profit group that is working to excavate the pieces of the ship for historical significance and to learn more about the most famous Pirate of them all “Blackbeard”. Impact Media was chosen to assist with this great project and we have been working with this group to produce a new web design, and to bring more awareness through Social Media Marketing. If you would like to get involved or learn more about this project you can visit their site, it explains how you can help, as well as learn more about the project as a whole. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

Web Design
Web Design