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Social Media and the Campaign

The presidential campaign of 2016 is in full swing and candidates are vying for the White House. Elections in the past focused on public perception, with politicians harping on each other by attacking their reputation. It was all about image; typical politics. We have seen and heard from each of the candidates, but one thing we have yet to see – those “promotional” campaign ads filled with insults and low-blow accusations that target political opponents. Wonder why?

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If you have been keeping up with the 2016 campaign, you have surely noticed that it is anything but typical. Unlikely political “outsiders” have not only gained, but maintained and advantage over other familiar and experienced politicians, thus reshaping the campaign. It’s not about image anymore – it’s about personality. Take, for example, Donald Trump – the candidate with the strongest personality. Everyone has been talking about him, creating quite an uproar. No one expected him to even run, much less make it this far with so much support. There really is a likelihood that he could fulfill the Presidency. To keep the campaign competitive, candidates have had to tweak their approach and break out into new territories, like social media. Despite their differences, what do all of the candidates have in common? Each of them have active social media accounts.

Social Media CampaignFacebook, Twitter, Instagram – even Snapchat – have been the driving forces behind political exposure. Candidates now realize that the best way to gain momentum is to connect with voters on a more personal level. Remember, it’s not about image anymore; this campaign is about personality.

Social media is proving to be one of the most effective ways to target specific demographics and influence voters. Statistics show that 63% of people felt the quality of information about candidates and political issues was better than the quality of content produced by more traditional media outlets. Social media allows candidates to connect with voters on a personal level. Politicians become engines of activity. In doing so, 40% of users on social media have participated in a political discussion or affiliated themselves with a candidate.

Millennials are the reason why social media has become such a necessity on the campaign trail. Campaign 2016Rather than picketing campaign signs or tagging their cars with bumper stickers, people are advocating for candidates on social media – millennials especially. This generation makes up a large percentage of the market share, giving them significant influence as registered voters.
Social Media Presidential ElectionThe candidate who wins the support of millennials will probably win the election. You could say that social media followers are the new modern day lobbyists.

So, what is the takeaway from all of this? Social media gives you the ability to target specific demographics with messages that appeal to your audience. It also offers exponential exposure as more people include you in their social network. Think of your social media following as an endorsement – a validation that you are legit and worthy of recognition. An active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – and even Snapchat – is extremely important if you are trying to sell yourself or your organization. The reason is that social media `transforms a product into a service and an organization or public figure into a friend.

Facebook Twitter Instagram SnapchatIf you are not currently using social media to market yourself or your organization, you could be missing out on a large percentage of the market share. Social media can be a huge asset for your business, but it is important to consult with a marketing or media specialist who truly understands how to convey professionalism and personality effectively. If the presidential candidates have social media advisors, it is highly recommended that you and your organization have one too.

We just launched a Campaign Website for Barfield for Congress!

Impact Media Solutions was selected to assist with the “Barfield for Congress” campaign and we are happy to help out on this project. We started with his Logo Design, then to his Palm Cards and have just launched his new website. Jonathan is a great person to work with and so are the rest of the people he has working his campaign with him. We wish Jonathan the best on his campaign and hope that you go check out his website to learn more about his stance on things and where he will be speaking next. Aside from his campaign website, we also assisted with his setting up his Facebook & Twitter pages to ensure his Brand was consistent across all Social Media platforms.

Campaign Websites

Content Marketing Is The Marketing Power of Useful Information

How often do you actually watch a television commercial?  When you are looking at something online or checking your Facebook newsfeed, how often do you take time to look at the banner ads?  When you receive a piece of snail mail that you know is an advertisement, how often do you actually open it?  These are all forms of traditional advertising and thanks to modern technology they are no longer viable methods of sustainable marketing.  So what works in the Information Age?  To put it quite simply, the answer is information.

The technical term is call Content Marketing.  This is when you market to a targeted  consumer demographic with information they will find useful, engaging and most importantly valuable.  Your customers can tell the difference between useful information and SPAM.  By providing them with valuable content that educates them, you are solidifying their loyalty.  Here is an example to prove my point.  A few months ago the hot water in our house vanished.  We paid $220 to a plumbing company who came to our  house, traded out a few old parts with new ones and then told us they were not sure if it fixed the problem or not.  I had no desire to pay the extortion fee of another plumbing company so I decided I was going to fix the problem myself.  I went to the website of a locally owned hardware store who has a great selection of articles on common problems with household appliances.  I found quite a bit of information, but none about the hot water heater issue I was having.

What I did learn was that the owner had extensive knowledge about appliance repair and I felt he would be a good person to turn to.  I drove to his store, told him about my problem and he informed me it was going to be one of two things.  Then he directed me to the parts I would need to fix it and showed me how to make the repair.  Before I left he made sure I had the store’s number if I had any questions.  It took me one more trip back to his store, but in less than two hours I had fixed the hot water heater and did so for less than $20.  I could have bought the part cheaper at a big box store, but I had no way of knowing that the person selling me the part was as knowledgeable as this store owner was.  When another problem arises in the future, I know exactly where I will turn and I feel confident it will be the right move.

Aside from search engine optimization, your website’s blog has now become the most important marketing tool you have.  Blogging should become a priority because it is your chance to educate your customers and strengthen their trust in you at the same time.  I would also recommend using your blog entries in conjunction with a weekly email to your customer base to be more effective.  All you have to do is copy and paste half your blog entry into the email and add a link to the entire entry on your website.  Make sure you add links throughout your blog entry to other blog entries within your site when it is relevant.  This is called making your site more “sticky”.  That way you are driving more traffic to your site and keeping them there longer.  When the time comes and they need the service or product you provide, they will not question who to turn to.  You might have a smaller marketing budget than a large corporation, but you can make up significant ground on your competitors with the most valuable commodity there is… useful information! Content Marketing can not only be applied to your website, but to all of the platforms of Social Media where your potential clients are connecting with friends and possibly promoting their own services or products. In this form of marketing you have to “Give to Get”. What I mean by that is that you must establish rapport with your potential clients for them to trust you enough to do business with you. Impact Media Solutions can assist you with formulating a strategy for your Content Marketing, and in turn help your business thrive by capturing leads through unconventional means. We encourage you to speak with any of our clients in our portfolio about what we have done for their business as there can be no better form of marketing then a referral, and that is and I believe will always be our primary source of new clients.Content Marketing

New Website Design for Builder in St James Plantation

We just launched a new website design for W. Epstein Builders in Southport, NC. They are a Builder that is focused on building in St. James Plantation, which at any given time has about 180 homes being built. Bill Epstein is a custom builder with many years of experience that has some great home plans displayed on his site and he and his team have some great ideas about how to build the perfect home for someone. We really enjoyed working with them on this project, they were very quick learners and have already begun to embrace their Blog and Social Media that we helped setup for them. They will be utilizing Impact Media for a total Internet Marketing Package to promote their company. They also used Impact Media to create their Logo Design and a new identity for their company as they were re-branding for 2012. If you are considering building a home in that area I would definitely give them a call to learn more, I think you will be impressed with their ideas!

Builder Website Design
Builder Website Design

Website Launch for Baker & Colby | Web Design Wilmington

Impact Media Solutions has just launched a new website for Baker & Colby Law Firm in Wilmington, NC. They actually have 5 offices in Wilmington, Southport, Carolina Beach, Jacksonville, and are growing their footprint every day. When they originally came to Impact Media their focus was mainly on Real Estate and Estate Planning, but since then they have grown to include many other areas of the law including Traffic & DWI, Corporate, Family & Divorce, which has made them one of the most comprehensive Law firms in the area with one of the largest foot prints. Their team is very  advanced with technology and utilize it to make it easy on their clients and more affordable as well. Their new site comes complete with a Content Management System that allows their team to update the site on demand, and Blog from their WordPress Blog to post relevant news anytime they have it available. Their Blog also syndicates to their Social Media such as Twitter & Facebook, so they are able to extend the reach of their website to others that do not visit their site daily. We hope you like their new site, if you have any questions please let us know.

Web Design Wilmington
Web Design Wilmington

New Live Music Venue in Wilmington NC

Impact Media Solutions has just launched a new website for The Brikhouse! The Brikhouse is a new nightclub located in downtown Wilmington, NC. It is built in a historic building that has a lot of sentimental value to me personally, it is where I used to go see bands play when it was called Jacobs Run, this was back in the early 90’s. The owner of the Brikhouse approached us to design a website that offered a Rock ‘n Roll theme and would allow them post shows independently and have those shows syndicate to their social media streams such as Facebook and Twitter. We took on the challenge and designed a site that provides all of the information a patron would be looking for when searching for live music in Wilmington, along with making it rank on Search Engines by providing Search Engine Optimization services to ensure that the site gets top billing on Google, Yahoo & Bing.

This Friday the 13th was their first day of being open and they had a great turnout! We look forward to seeing you down @ The Brikhouse!

Web Design | SEO | Brikhouse
Web Design | SEO | The Brikhouse

New Website Launch for Paws Place in Wilmington, NC!

Impact Media launches a new website for Paws Place, an Animal Rescue Shelter serving Wilmington & Brunswick County since 1999. We took this site on as one of our Charities for the year, we love animals and these folks help them more than you know! Paws Place is a No-Kill Shelter that has found homes for over 250 dogs. We not only re-designed the website, but put it into a wordpress platform for easy Content Management for them to be able update their site when they get a new rescue. Their new site is linked to Twitter and Facebook, so that when they post a new Dog it syndicates directly to these Social Media Outlets and their Followers and Fans can see right away who needs rescuing and spread the word. This is truly a great cause and we hope we have given them a great tool to aide them with this cause! Thank you Paws Place for all you do!

Wilmington Web Design
Wilmington Web Design

Web Design and Social Media for Neighborhood Website

Impact Media Solutions has just launched a new website for Mimosa Bay, a waterfront neighborhood just outside of Jacksonville, NC with everything I have always looked for in amenities for a new home neighborhood!
When Ben Kern came to us looking to improve his current web design and internet presence, we were shocked to learn what a beautiful place it was, it was not hard to make this website look great with all of the beautiful imagery that they have to offer. We worked with Ben and his team of developers to provide a website that would allow them to update it independently and with ease with our custom Content Management System, then we integrated it with all of his Social Media and are in the process of developing that platform with Ben, so that he can effectively communicate with his sphere of influence in a more efficient
manner. We have enjoyed working on the web design and internet marketing of this project and look forward to seeing how it is received. Let us know your thoughts on this project as we would love to hear them!

Web Design & Social Media
Web Design & Social Media for Mimosa Bay