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10 Signs You Should Invest in Technology

Are any of these signs showing up in your life? If so, now is the best time to invest in technology!

1.) Your AOL email address is still being used… as your business account.

Youve got Mail

2.) Ask Jeeves knows the answers to all of your questions.Alternative to Google Search

3.) Social media still happens on MySpace.

Before Facebook

4.) Documents are still being faxed, to and from your land-line.

Email Instead

5.) Videos are recorded on your handheld camcorder so that you can watch the footage on DVD later.

Record Video on DVD

6.) Locating your files is getting harder by the day because there is limited storage space on your hard-drive.

Computer Storage

7.) Hooking up your TV requires matching colors and cords because you don’t understand the purpose of an HDMI cable.

RCA Output

8.) Using your website is frustrating, especially on a mobile device.

Mobile Device

9.) Internet Explorer is your only browser because it’s all you’ve ever known.

All Time Favorite Browser

10.) Google is the Internet. Period.

Google Search

Apple iPad Pro Release

Just in time for the Holiday season, Apple has confirmed that its latest product, the iPad Pro, will go on sale Wednesday, November 11th. Apple’s cult followers are anxious to get their hands on the 12.9 inch retina display, but before we jump to conclusions, lets see if Apple’s latest release is worth the hype.

Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro’s display is 3.2 inches larger than its predecessor, the iPad Air 2 and features a higher resolution on a larger display. It’s a bit larger than the iPad Air 2; the iPad Pro is more than half a pound heavier, but it is 2.08 inches wider and 2.6 inches taller. Of course, it has a faster processor than its predecessors, making it ideal for those needing to take care of tasks efficiently.

Apple has also rolled out productivity-geared accessories, like the Apple Pen and a wireless keyboard, similar to the one featured on Microsoft’s Surface. With these features and accessories, the iPad Pro is aimed at professionals and creatives.

There are only two storage options: 32GB and 128GB. Compared to the iPad Air 2, the iPad Pro cost $250 more and, if you want the added accessories, it can get rather pricey. The Apple Pen will cost an extra $99 and the “Smart Keyboard” will cost an additional $169.

5 Reasons Why Americans Are Afraid of Technology

Forget the spooky Halloween costumes. Technology is what Americans are really afraid of!

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons Why Americans Are Afraid of Technology

Americans are Afraid of Technology

1. Cyberterrorism: 44.8% of Americans are Afraid

Cyberterrorism is defined as “the unlawful (and often politically motivated) use of computers or information technology to cause disruption, fear, or financial loss.

2. Tracking of Personal Information: 44.6% of Americans are Afraid

Is anything done online really secure? Most Americans that use technology have concerns that their personal information is being tracked, with or without their consent.

3. Robots: 28.9% of Americans are Afraid

Could Siri eventually walk amongst us? Maybe so. Robotics and other remotely controlled devices have some Americans afraid that technology will forego human-to-human interaction.

4. Artificial Intelligence: 25.8% of Americans are Afraid

Artificial Intelligence is just that – intelligence that is created artificially. AI is defined as the study and design of intelligent systems that can perceive and adapt to their surrounding environment. With advances in this industry, many Americans fear that technology will eventually become smarter than the user.

5. Technology I Don’t Understand: 20% of Americans are Afraid

What is this? How do I use it? It’s a scary thing, the unknown. Technology is a massive industry that is expanding at a rapid rate.  Before you can figure out how to use one thing, a newer version is released. Americans find what they can’t understand to be very very scary.

This definitely has Americans spooked!
But is there really a reason for American’s to be afraid, very afraid?


Spooky Technology

Marketing and IT are Working Together to Make an Impact

Marketing with Intelligence

Thanks to the Internet, there has been a shift in how information is exchanged. Specifically, when it comes to sales, the flow of information is now controlled by the customer, rather than the sales agent. Consumers no longer have to contact the direct source of the sale to receive information. Instead, they can have their questions answered through online resources, like search engines – even social media. As a result, customers have a tendency to educate themselves prior to initial face-to-face contact.

Organizations have become more transparent as their online footprint continues to grow. Consumers are able to educate themselves on more than a specific product; they are able to understand what makes the entire organization unique and then determine whether or not they are worth doing business with. In some cases, customers are more familiar with a company than the actual employees!

This increased online exposure, paired with advancements in technology, have forced marketing to go digital. Marketers are now virtually connecting the customer to the sale, rather than physically guiding them to a decision.

Targeting Customers
How Can You Target Customers?

Opportunities to market now exist across the Internet of Things – an industry that is rapidly growing. Marketers are now having to connect with audiences on platforms that go beyond the confines of a typical online experience.

Given this trend, marketers who team up with IT departments have an advantage over those who use a more traditional approach. IT specialists are system administrators who understand the specific intricacies of technology. They are logical and analytical, thriving on statistics and deductive reasoning. IT specialists are experts in understanding and enhancing the communication that occurs between connected systems; marketers are experts at communicating effectively and enriching conversation.

Marketers that work directly with IT specialists and system administrators are able to target specific demographics on a wide variety of connected devices and streamline network communications by using the analytics and statistics IT departments provide.

Marketing Strategy
Do You Need A Marketing Strategy?

When marketing and IT work together they are able to deliver comprehensive and effective marketing campaigns that keep pace with advances in technology and stay up to date on social trends.




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