Our Team

Drew Denstedt - Lead Programmer
Impact Media Solutions | 2004 Eastwood Rd Ste 101 Wilmington, NC 28403 | 910.679.4471

Full stack technology enthusiast. Loves everything web. Drew is always striving to learn new technologies and adopt the latest frameworks. He makes sure that code runs as efficiently as possible to ensure that applications run lightning fast. Drew also recreates classic arcade games in HTML5 and will jump at any opportunity to make a mobile application with the Android SDK. He has a very versatile skillset and can pivot to almost any project available. Drew moved to the Wilmington area in October 2014 and has since fallen in love with the beautiful beaches and amazing people. He enjoys playing Tennis with his wife and taking his dog to the beach. In his free time he also enjoys working on small game development projects and creating gadgets with Arduino.

"Low-level programming is good for the programmer's soul" ~ John Carmack

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