Logo Design & Identity

Your logo is a big deal.

It says a lot about you and your company identity.

An effective logo should communicate to prospective clients not only what you do, but the culture of your firm. For example, are you entrepreneurial, or are you a bit more corporate in your approach? What colors do you prefer? What kind of movement should your new logo suggest? All of these are important considerations in logo design.

Eye-popping is the name of the game.

At Impact Media, we'll work with you closely to create an appropriate, eye-catching, creative logo that expresses your identity - one that will resonate with the public and truly leave an impression. Whether you need a logo designed for a new business venture or are thinking about updating or redesigning an existing logo design, we have the experience to help you cultivate your brand identity and showcase your various products and services.


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Our Recent Logo Design Work

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Laysan Bay Farms
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