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Patt Noday - VP of Marketing & eCommerce
Impact Media Solutions | 2004 Eastwood Rd Ste 101 Wilmington, NC 28403 | 910.264.4542

Patt Noday heads our Marketing and eCommerce Division here at Impact Media. His expertise in targeted online marketing and social media is a wonderful addition to our arsenal of experts here. He uses multiple touch-points to make sure our clients are ReTargeting ads to their current website traffic, while running extensive, precise OnTarget campaigns to drive specific NEW traffic to their sites, as well. A media veteran of 36 years, Patt started as a popular radio personality in the 80’s working in multiple US cities, then moved to Wilmington in 1988 to become a TV News Anchor and Weatherman for CBS and ABC throughout the 90's while also a top Location Scout for Films, TV Series, and Catalogs shooting here in FILMingtonNC.

Patt is also well-known nationally in the Screen Actors' Guild as a professional actor and voice talent, appearing in nearly 50 movies and TV series. After attending the University of Missouri’s famed School of Journalism, he is trained in all areas of media. His passion for cutting-edge marketing and branding has helped him create hundreds of successful Radio, TV, Print, and Online advertising campaigns for innumerous happy clients.

You are encouraged to schedule a meeting with him to discuss whatever YOUR marketing needs might be, especially for today’s vital online search and social media outreach.

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