Are any of these signs showing up in your life? If so, now is the best time to invest in technology!

1.) Your AOL email address is still being used… as your business account.

Youve got Mail

2.) Ask Jeeves knows the answers to all of your questions.Alternative to Google Search

3.) Social media still happens on MySpace.

Before Facebook

4.) Documents are still being faxed, to and from your land-line.

Email Instead

5.) Videos are recorded on your handheld camcorder so that you can watch the footage on DVD later.

Record Video on DVD

6.) Locating your files is getting harder by the day because there is limited storage space on your hard-drive.

Computer Storage

7.) Hooking up your TV requires matching colors and cords because you don’t understand the purpose of an HDMI cable.

RCA Output

8.) Using your website is frustrating, especially on a mobile device.

Mobile Device

9.) Internet Explorer is your only browser because it’s all you’ve ever known.

All Time Favorite Browser

10.) Google is the Internet. Period.

Google Search