This is a loaded question for us, because your perception and our perception of a basic website may be totally different. We have learned over the years that yes, there are basic websites, but it is much better for you (the client) and us (the Internet Marketing company) to align our perspectives, and assess your goals with building this new website.
This also is a variable question. We can build a brochure website with 10 pages or less in a few weeks, but for a more detailed database driven website with many features, it can take up to 2 months.
As one of the first companies in Wilmington, NC to offer this, we strongly believe this is vital to empowering our clients to be able to update and manage their own websites. Our Content Management System is custom and provides exactly what our clients need without all of the extra items you will never use. We are also very familiar with the open source platforms of WordPress, Joomla & Drupal, and have many options to choose from that allows us to offer you flexibility in budget as well as features.
We offer several different plans for web hosting depending on your specific needs. Our web hosting packages start at $25.00/Month and go up from there. They include website hosting & email.

There is not a clear answer for this question, as there are many factors to consider. They range from website build, competitiveness locally or globally and existing ranking. We do not guarantee any dates or time frames, but we do deliver measurable results for our clients.

When we begin any web project, there are several things to expect. We will be communicating through various means (phone, email & strategy meetings) to gather feedback, content and approval. We outline a requirements sheet for every new client, so they know exactly what they will need to provide to make the project a success and so expectations can be met on both sides.
Our hourly rate is $150.00, but depending on your needs we do quote prices as a project. Your proposal will be itemized, and is based off of the time we deem it will take to complete your project, whether it is Web Design, SEO, Graphic Design or any other type of Internet Marketing.

Wikipedia defines “Search Engine Optimization as the process of affecting the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine organically or un-paid.” To explain this better, a process is applied to both your website and web footprint to promote your website and increase rankings on search engines for targeted keywords or phrases. SEO will in turn expose your business to more people searching for your type of services or goods.