Prepare For Liftoff!

Impact Media is Soaring to New Heights Offering Drone Footage and Aerial Photography as a Service to our Clients to Enhance their Digital Media and Internet Marketing Presence.

We are commercially registered to operate a Drone in our area. Our Drone is equipped with a high-definition camera that shoots images and video in 4k clarity. Impact Media’s drone captures amazing perspectives that are not possible with traditional point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders. Our drones navigate with precision to capture the best angles for each and every audience. Our Drone pilot has been immersed in this technology since the early days and has become an excellent pilot getting video and images that are astonishing.


Drone footage and aerial photography is a must for clients that want to:

  • Capture Landscapes, Aerial Topography and Land Surveying
  • Showcase Real Estate Listings and Property Features
  • Time-Lapse Construction and Project Development
  • Advertise Sports and Other Events
  • Give Audiences a New Perspective