Call me obsessed, but I see the need for mobilization all over the place.

So when I read an article covering a folding kayak from a company called Oru in California, I got pretty fired up. A mobile friendly kayak? Awesome!

I met with a shop owner this week that was disappointed to see her SEO ranking fall over the last month. Turns out her website is not a mobile responsive website, and she is feeling the pinch of “Mobilegeddon” – Google’s severe algorithm shift that penalizes non mobile responsive websites.

Google figured out something that this kayak company knows: mobile is better.

Computers were great, even when they were the size of a small house. The personal computer was a huge improvement, but the laptop changed everything. Mobility!

Your website may be pretty great, but if it doesn’t work well on my mobile phone, I’m out. Don’t chain me to my desktop! Give me mobility!

Kayaks are amazing, but a kayak you can stash in your trunk? Incredible!

The coolest part of this promo video for the origami kayak is not the dipping paddles against a backdrop of gorgeous landscapes or the clean lines of an ocean kayak neatly cutting through rushing foam, nor is it the kayak’s hull that opens completely so you can stash gear (although that is pretty sweet).

No, the part that got my blood pumping was the footage of the hikers with their kayaks strapped to their back like a backpack, tromping through the forest. A mobile responsive kayak!

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