Team Gale has been a client of Impact Media’s for many years, and when it came to refreshing their website’s design and incorporating some new features I am not even sure if they shopped it around, which we appreciated very much! At this time they are one of the highest selling Real Estate teams in the Wilmington area and since we launched their last site we have learned a lot more about Form & Function in Real Estate Web Design. This website far exceeds anything we have done to date with some of its features, both on the front and back side of the site. You will notice when you navigate through it that it is FAST! It is using the latest trends in programming to enable it to be speedy no matter what type of internet connection you are on.
The next thing you will probably notice is all of the different options you have for MLS Search. Impact Media Solutions has been working with MLS Searches for as long as we can remember, and has some of the most reliable, fastest, up to date MLS data out there. We pull our data several times a day to ensure that it is up to the minute accurate and that you are never behind when it comes to available properties.
Now, thirdly hopefully you noticed the look and feel, this is something we spent a lot of time on crafting to get just right for Team Gale. We wanted to make sure that their site not only reflected how far they have come since their last site was designed, but where they are going in the next few years and this site offers them the scalability to be able to handle 3-4 times the business they currently have.
We always really enjoy working with Jack and his team and feel that they are very good folks! Please take a look at the site and let us know what you think…

real estate web design

Real Estate Web Design