Our Process

Step 1: Initial Needs Assessment
This is one of the most vital steps of our entire Internet Marketing process. In this step we get to know each other from a Business to Business standpoint, uncover your business’s goals, and discover more about the Services and/or Products your company offers as well as understanding all current marketing efforts that are or are not working for you.
Step 3: Proposal/Presentation
In this step we outline the scope of work we recommend to achieve your desired results. Everything we present is a customized solution built specifically for your needs and goals.
Step 4: Initial Huddle & Deliverables
Here we get together and formally start your project, making sure expectations are aligned, and our focus is being put in the appropriate areas.
Step 5: Weekly Updates
This is a way for Impact Media to keep you in the loop and elicit feedback while working with you on your design and build of your project.
Step 6: Launch
This is the most exciting step, we set a date to launch after you the client are completely satisfied with what we have a delivered for the project.
Step 7: Goal Analysis & Tweaks
As an ongoing monthly service Impact Media will evaluate your website, its traffic and make adjustments to how your website is being marketed to improve conversions for your products or services.
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