SEO is something that a lot of companies offer as a service, and what I find interesting is the companies that sell SEO, but do not rank on the first page of Google or any other search engine for any particular keywords. Of course if you are like me, then you probably get solicited 10-20x a day by email, phone and smoke signals that someone can get your website to #1 on Google. Unfortunately, a lot of these nefarious companies and individuals give our industry a bad name.

Here @ Impact Media Solutions we have been consistent with delivering on what we promise and delivering high rankings for our clients, not necessarily for the keywords that they think they need to rank for, but the keywords that our research shows that they should rank for, and for keywords that produce conversions. We are a humble company with humble employees, but we do believe that proof is in the screenshot, so we have added 3 screenshots below demonstrating that not only can Impact Media rank your website high, but that we rank #1 consistently with these key terms on Google organically. We have blurred the companies out that were either Pay-Per-Click or Local Competitors.

We would not ask you to pay for something we were unsure we could produce for you. Please see below and let us know how we can help your company rank higher on the Search Engines. #marketwithimpact

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