3 Websites I Go To For Content Marketing Inspiration

Content Marketing requires creativity with purpose, and while there are many places I go to for inspiration, there are 3 websites in particular that provide consistent guidance and inspiration:

  1. HubSpot blog: The good folks over at HubSpot provide one of the best blogs, or I should say, series of blogs, I’ve seen. Whether I am reading the Marketing or Sales blog, their posts are consistently filled with solid information and good take-aways that I can put into quick application. If you are like me, and you sometimes get stuck trying to decide on which direction to take your content, HubSpot can help you get unstuck.
  2. AdAge: The print magazine AdAge has a great website, with articles on all advertising topics. AdAge has, for me, been a great source of design and artistic inspiration, as their focus tends to settle on ad agencies and advertising campaigns, rather than just digital content. Running out of ideas? Look at AdAge.
  3. CMO.com: CMO, as in Chief Marketing Officer, is an Adobe online magazine for CMO’s. Chock full of recent, relevant information, I really like the interviews section, in which they pull back the curtain and go behind the scenes with some of the top CMO’s in the industry.


What have you found useful in your Content Marketing efforts? Please share with us! We are constantly seeking to improve on our current efforts. If you would like help with your Content or Web Marketing, contact us and we can get started helping you today.