What would you do if you lost everything?

This is the rallying cry behind World Backup Day, an effort to inspire anyone and everyone to make sure their data is backed up digitally by March 31st.

It started when a journalist had all his data wiped by a hacker: computer, phone, tablet; everything gone. The devastation of the loss was the inspiration that resulted in World Backup Day.

Do you have adequate backup procedures in place? At Impact Media Solutions, we promote the best practice of local and cloud backups for your network and cloud backup for your individual devices (PC’s and Mac’s, tablets, and smartphones) to make sure your data and network are secure.

Local network backup is accomplished through installation of a NAS device (Network Attached Storage). This device attaches to your internal network and serves as a network backup for your local server. Your NAS device should be sized appropriately to be able to provide redundant daily backups.

It is also vitally important to provide a cloud backup for your network server. In the event of a catastrophe such as a fire or flood (or a sprinkler flood due to a fire), your local server backup could be compromised along with the data on the server, so you need offsite backup as well. The best way to accomplish this is through a cloud backup service. A cloud backup service silently and consistently backs up your data to an offsite server daily for a monthly fee. If a catastrophe occurs, the backup data can be restored to a new server and operations be back up and running within hours of the failure.

We also strongly recommend backing up the data on your computers, tablets, and smartphones. Imagine the chaos that would ensue were you to lose the files and documents on your computer. Now extrapolate that to your other devices. What a nightmare! Avoid the nightmare and set routine cloud backups that run when you are not using your machine. If your hard drive fails or you drop your tablet in a mud puddle, your data can be restored to a new device.

Join the World Backup Day cause and back your stuff up by March 31st to avoid being an April Fool.

Want more information on local and cloud backup? Contact us for a free estimate of local and cloud backup services for your network and devices.