Today Microsoft released a Beta for its new Suite of tools Office 365. This is an online only Suite of tools that includes Exchange, Office, SharePoint & Lync Server and a few other web based productivity tools.  Along with this release Microsoft Office 365 Marketplace, which is an online store where apps and add-ons can be purchased from Microsoft and their partners.

The Amazing Part of this is that Microsoft is setting its pricepoint @ $6.00/month. I am sure this is where it starts, and where it stops is any one’s guess, but all of these tools would be available in the Cloud, which means that they would be accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, which gives these tools some great application for the money and makes them very convenient.

Another thing to consider with Cloud Computing is that when you are considering setting up an Exchange Server locally on your Network, there is a lot of upfront hardware costs, and then there are the ongoing maintenance costs associated with computer repair and networking. With Cloud Computing, you leave the liability to Microsoft in this instance, and just factor in the monthly expense as an expected cost of doing business.

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