The difference between having a good website and a great one is conversion. Let me explain, Conversion on your website is where someone contacts you through your website. If you have a website, and have taken the necessary steps to market your site (i.e. SEO, Adwords, Print Collateral & Self Promotion) and are still not getting the conversions you believe your site should be producing then this post may help you. The key is to make it simple for them. The more work your prospects have to do to contact you the less chance you have for a conversion. This means that your Contact Forms should be easy to find, do not make your prospects hunt around the site looking for a way to reach you. The next thing is the format of your form, visitors are more likely to fill out a short form than a longer form. We would all like to get as much information as possible from our visitors, but once it becomes work for them they will chances of them completing the form go down dramatically. It is always better to get a brief detail of your visitor, then follow up to get more detail if needed, this also shows interest on your behalf.

Some other ways to increase conversions that have worked for our clients have been to offer incentives for doing so, if a visitor believes that they may receive a gift or gadget for filling out a form they are more likely to do so. There is some give and take here.

All in all, you want your website to look good, perform properly, rank well and above all else produce revenue. If you would like to learn more about conversions or have questions please let me know.