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King Neptune’s is the oldest existing restaurant on Wrightsville Beach, NC and they just remodeled it and have elevated the dining experience to a whole new level. We enjoyed working with Keaton on creating the foundation for their Internet Presence and in that time we learned a lot about her and Jimmy’s goals and passions. They are not just savvy entrepreneurs, but they also enjoy philanthropy and giving back to the community they live in and service. This is where our goals really aligned and made the experience of working with them so much better! As we worked with them to create their new web design we saw the creativity, passion & soul that they put into their work to make their restaurant and an amazing experience for their patrons. We hope you will take the time to review their website and we really hope it entices you to drop in and give King Neptune’s a try. We had our Christmas party there and we will be going back this year! Oh, and did I mention they do Brunch on Sundays? Let us know what you think about their new web design and their newly designed restaurant! We do not think you will be disappointed!

Restaurant on Wrightsville Beach

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