Just in time for the Holiday season, Apple has confirmed that its latest product, the iPad Pro, will go on sale Wednesday, November 11th. Apple’s cult followers are anxious to get their hands on the 12.9 inch retina display, but before we jump to conclusions, lets see if Apple’s latest release is worth the hype.

Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro’s display is 3.2 inches larger than its predecessor, the iPad Air 2 and features a higher resolution on a larger display. It’s a bit larger than the iPad Air 2; the iPad Pro is more than half a pound heavier, but it is 2.08 inches wider and 2.6 inches taller. Of course, it has a faster processor than its predecessors, making it ideal for those needing to take care of tasks efficiently.

Apple has also rolled out productivity-geared accessories, like the Apple Pen and a wireless keyboard, similar to the one featured on Microsoft’s Surface. With these features and accessories, the iPad Pro is aimed at professionals and creatives.

There are only two storage options: 32GB and 128GB. Compared to the iPad Air 2, the iPad Pro cost $250 more and, if you want the added accessories, it can get rather pricey. The Apple Pen will cost an extra $99 and the “Smart Keyboard” will cost an additional $169.