Forget the spooky Halloween costumes. Technology is what Americans are really afraid of!

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons Why Americans Are Afraid of Technology

Americans are Afraid of Technology

1. Cyberterrorism: 44.8% of Americans are Afraid

Cyberterrorism is defined as “the unlawful (and often politically motivated) use of computers or information technology to cause disruption, fear, or financial loss.

2. Tracking of Personal Information: 44.6% of Americans are Afraid

Is anything done online really secure? Most Americans that use technology have concerns that their personal information is being tracked, with or without their consent.

3. Robots: 28.9% of Americans are Afraid

Could Siri eventually walk amongst us? Maybe so. Robotics and other remotely controlled devices have some Americans afraid that technology will forego human-to-human interaction.

4. Artificial Intelligence: 25.8% of Americans are Afraid

Artificial Intelligence is just that – intelligence that is created artificially. AI is defined as the study and design of intelligent systems that can perceive and adapt to their surrounding environment. With advances in this industry, many Americans fear that technology will eventually become smarter than the user.

5. Technology I Don’t Understand: 20% of Americans are Afraid

What is this? How do I use it? It’s a scary thing, the unknown. Technology is a massive industry that is expanding at a rapid rate.  Before you can figure out how to use one thing, a newer version is released. Americans find what they can’t understand to be very very scary.

This definitely has Americans spooked!
But is there really a reason for American’s to be afraid, very afraid?


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