Mobile Websites are quickly becoming mandatory these days, if you website is not responsive and adapts to the user, then they will go to a website that is more mobile friendly. Impact Media Solutions has been providing Mobile Websites and Responsive Web Design for the past 3 years, and understands the value of Responsive Web Design. If the majority of your leads or sells come from the web, like most of our clients, then this is no longer an option.

The next thing that you want to do is to find a company that understands how to create these sites, so that your site still offers the same abilities in a scaled down mobile friendly format. I have included some of our recent launches for you to see what I am talking about, with links to these sites, so you can use them and see for yourself what Responsive Web Design is all about.

fineCMobile iStock_000018102925Small martinsMobileMobile Website

Responsive Web Design