Website Design Wilmington

Castle Hayne Stowaway came to Impact Media Solutions as a referral from another happy client with the need for a new website and a better marketing plan. The site they had was a template from a company that only provided websites for the Mini Storage Industry. We found that this company was selling the same website template to everyone they dealt with and under serving their clients by having duplication of the website and copy replicated many times over. Duplication is not something the Search Engines like, and they will devalue your website for that very reason, which in turn will lead to a lower ranking. We worked with Castle Hayne Stowaway to rebuild their new website to be unique in web design, as well as unique content, and their website will now start getting better traction on the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & BING.

We work very hard to not only build a great website design for our clients, but we also build a website that will help grow their digital footprint on the internet. Their new website while less than a week old is already starting to build momentum and should provide return on investment very quickly. If you are interested in learning more about how our websites grow our client’s businesses, then please give us a call or schedule a meeting via our website, or talk to one of our clients, we encourage that. We are always willing to have a conversation about your business and it’s potential.