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New Real Estate Website for Brunswick County!

January 19, 2015
Real Estate Web Design
Real Estate Web Design

Barbara Andrews with Sea Coast Realty Advantage came to Impact Media looking for a website that would help her business grow in the Brunswick County area of North Carolina. We met with her and went over her goals and have come up with what we have today for her new Real Estate Website. It features some of the best pictures I have seen of the area for perspective to people relocating, as well as has her listings are easy to find on the home page. This Web Design is also responsive, which means it will conform to whatever device attaches to it, whether it is a Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Barbara also took advantage of some of our copy-writing services to enhance the site in specific areas. We hope that you will like how her website turned out as much as we have and we wish Barbara much success with this new piece of Internet Marketing we have provided.







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