Internet MarketingHave you heard about the new roll out for Google Universal Analytics? If you have not I will go over some of the features. First off, in case you were wondering, it is optional to upgrade to it at this point, but will be made mandatory very soon. Outside of Geography and the type of computer your users had, you really did not know much else about what their lifestyle was, which could make your Internet Marketing a little more complex. Now if you are using Google AdWords in conjunction with Analytics you will be able to do this great thing called ReMarketing. This basically allows you to track your users around the web, so that your ads are displayed when they go to other sites (In case you did not know Google is Big Brother). Impact Media Solutions has been working on ReMarketing for our clients in many ways prior to this offering from Google, but this adds even more possibilities to the equation for conversion and brand recognition. If you would like to learn more please shoot us an email, tweet or be old fashion and pick up the phone and call us.

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