Marketing with Intelligence

Thanks to the Internet, there has been a shift in how information is exchanged. Specifically, when it comes to sales, the flow of information is now controlled by the customer, rather than the sales agent. Consumers no longer have to contact the direct source of the sale to receive information. Instead, they can have their questions answered through online resources, like search engines – even social media. As a result, customers have a tendency to educate themselves prior to initial face-to-face contact.

Organizations have become more transparent as their online footprint continues to grow. Consumers are able to educate themselves on more than a specific product; they are able to understand what makes the entire organization unique and then determine whether or not they are worth doing business with. In some cases, customers are more familiar with a company than the actual employees!

This increased online exposure, paired with advancements in technology, have forced marketing to go digital. Marketers are now virtually connecting the customer to the sale, rather than physically guiding them to a decision.

Targeting Customers

How Can You Target Customers?

Opportunities to market now exist across the Internet of Things – an industry that is rapidly growing. Marketers are now having to connect with audiences on platforms that go beyond the confines of a typical online experience.

Given this trend, marketers who team up with IT departments have an advantage over those who use a more traditional approach. IT specialists are system administrators who understand the specific intricacies of technology. They are logical and analytical, thriving on statistics and deductive reasoning. IT specialists are experts in understanding and enhancing the communication that occurs between connected systems; marketers are experts at communicating effectively and enriching conversation.

Marketers that work directly with IT specialists and system administrators are able to target specific demographics on a wide variety of connected devices and streamline network communications by using the analytics and statistics IT departments provide.

Marketing Strategy

Do You Need A Marketing Strategy?

When marketing and IT work together they are able to deliver comprehensive and effective marketing campaigns that keep pace with advances in technology and stay up to date on social trends.




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