Atlantic Metal Roofing came to Impact Media looking for more than just a website, that was clear from our first meeting with Todd Bourgeois, one of the partners. They were looking for a company to partner with that was interested in learning about their business and the unique service they offer. After our meeting Todd was on the phone calling references furnished by us checking out if we were who we said we were, and ensuring that our current clients were in fact happy with our work and I think that was the biggest testament to his signing on with Impact Media. A company can say they will do a lot of things, but will they deliver those things is a BIG question, well Todd knew that, and he went straight to the source to find out if we would. Reports came back from our clients that not only do we deliver when we say we will, but we go beyond that most of the time and try to exceed expectations. At Impact Media our biggest marketing campaign is “Word Of Mouth” advertising, and without our clients referrals we would not be in business, so we appreciate all of our clients very much!
I got a little off topic, back to Atlantic Metal Roofing’s new site, Todd & Chuck had decided they wanted to use us for their new web design, seo (search engine optimization) and print advertising, which had made them successful in the past, but they were ready to take it to the next level. We worked with them on many meetings trying various different strategies, from bizarre to conservative until we hit exactly what they were looking for to complement their marketing. These guys take a lot of pride in what they do and want to make sure that their marketing reflects the quality of their work and we are humbled that they chose Impact Media as their vendor. We hope you like it.
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