New Non-Profit Web Design in Wilmington, NC for Women’s Independence Scholarship Program, Inc., which is another charity that is very close to our heart that operates right here in Wilmington, NC. This scholarship program is dedicated to Women who have been abused by a partner and needs an education to get a job to become solely independent and is originally funded by Warren Buffet’s sister Doris.

We feel very blessed to have been able to work with Jill and her team to create this new vision for such a worthy cause, and hope that WISP continues to help many victims of partner and spousal abuse put that behind them, and move on with a prosperous and fulfilled life. Impact Media donates to local charities every year, and this site, along with 2 other local charities received our donations this year. We will be providing more soon to help give back to our wonderful community and continue helping the people that need it the most in the ways that we know how.