Logo DesignMaster Pools of Wilmington came to Impact Media due to needing professional guidance on building a strong brand in the Wilmington area. Their company is an offshoot from Greenville Pools, which has been around for 37 years, and Todd moved to Wilmington to start another office and wanted to brand himself uniquely.

Impact Media evaluated their current logo design and web design with them, and we decided to start over from scratch and it has only been a week, and we are already hearing good things. Their website is already starting to rank higher for the particular needed key terms, and their brand is starting to get recognition on all Social Media outlets as well as participating in some great charity work this Christmas season. We hope you enjoy their website, and that it makes you want a pool in your backyard! If you need a no cost evaluation of your current marketing, whether it be digital or otherwise let us know, we are always happy to share our ideas with you to help you grow your company.