Impact Media Solutions is now offering Remote Online Data Backup to all of it’s clients in and around Wilmington, NC. We have developed a tool that will manage your Computer backups for you without you having the worry of losing your data due to a hardware failure or catastrophy. Our new Remote Online Backup system is unique compared to other Backup systems in that we do not charge by how many computers we are backing up, so there are no license fees in that regard. Impact Media charges by allocation of space or disc quota. This means that you can setup 1 computer or 20 for the same monthy price. Contact us today and ask about Impact Remote Backup and we will provide you with more information about safeguarding your critical data.

If you have already had a system failure and need your hard drive recovered we offer that service as well. Impact Media can assess the damage of the drive and determine if the data is recovarable. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we do our best to recover their data in most scenarios. Unfortunately, this is how we meet a lot of our clients that are seeking these services, so we have a lot of experience in data recovery. If you would like Impact Media Solutions to design and implement a Disaster Recovery Plan for your office please contact us and we will be glad to provide that service for you.