Boat Dealership Web DesignSaltwater Marine came to us looking for a new and fresh approach to his internet marketing. The site he had prior was part of a system designed specifically for the Boating industry, however that website was doing nothing more than listing the boats he had for sale, and had little appeal. Impact Media worked with Saltwater Marine to help create a web design that would do more than sell boats, it would sell the lifestyle of owning a boat. Our newly launched website embraces the cutting edge of Internet Marketing, by separating Saltwater Marine from the same old boat site, by focusing on why someone would buy a boat in the first place, the lifestyle! Joel Romig, the owner of Saltwater Marine said it best when I was initially speaking with him, “If you live in Wilmington, and all you are doing is going back and forth to work on College Road,  you are missing 85% of Wilmington has to offer.” Then it hit me, I need a boat, so do not be surprised in the upcoming weeks if you see or hear about me out at Masonboro, or hear about somebody that did not know what he was doing entering into a Fishing Contest, and causing problems, that person might be me. In the meantime you should really go and have a look at Saltwater Marine’s new responsive web design, and let us know what you think. We are very excited about it and look forward to seeing how it is received in the community.