Here at Impact Media we know how important it is to have a secure website. Each month we have a handful of people contact us because they have experienced the negative effects of not having a secure website.

When your website is not secure it makes people feel vulnerable. They are less likely to enter their contact or other personal information because they realize there is a risk that it could end up in the hands of an unwanted third party. People are hesitant to trust websites that are not secure.

So how can you tell if a website is secure or not?

A simple way to recognize website security can be found in the address bar next to the website’s URL. Websites that are secure will display a green lock next to the web address to show the browser that their activity and personal information is secure. However, many websites are missing this feature. Instead of a green lock, many websites display an icon that looks like a blank sheet of paper next to their web address. This icon tells the browser that their activity and personal information lacks security.

Some websites offer no security at all. Unsecure sites will display a red “X” next to the web address. This is alerting the browser that their Internet activity and personal data is completely at risk. Web address that display a red “X” alert browsers to navigate away from the site. In turn, people are less likely to trust your site, and your brand.

For years, WordPress has been a preferred and trusted platform for web design. Understanding the importance of having a secure website, WordPress is now providing websites with what is called an SSL certificate. Simply put, an SSL certificate encrypts personal data and browser activity which makes browsing your site more secure. They will know their browsing activity is secured by an SSL certificate because they will see that green lock displayed next to the web address.

For many years, Impact Media has provided SSL certificates to our clients so that they can feature that green lock next to their web address. We find it interesting that WordPress is now providing security through SSL certificates because this reiterates and emphasizes just how important it is to have a secured website.